Tuesday, 14 August 2018


German Schnitzel

Adapted from The Stay At Home Chef

1. 4 pieces of pork chops
2. 2 eggs
3. 3 TBS flour
4. 1 TBS corn starch
5. 3 TBS panko or bread crumbs
6. 1 teaspoon salt and pepper
7. 3 TBS cooking oil for frying
8. 4 lemon slices for garnish (optional)


1. Pound out chops until ¼ inch thick. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Mix flour and corn starch and spread it out into a shallow dish.
3. In a bowl beat egg.
4. In another shallow dish, spread panko or bread crumbs.
5. Coat pork chops with flour and corn starch, then coat it with egg and finally coat it with panko or bread crumbs.
6. Heat pan with oil and fry the pork chops for 3 to 4 minutes until golden (don't crowd the chops).
7. Turn over and fry for another 3-4 minutes until golden.
8. Serve with lemon slices and sauce on the side.

Additional Information:

Daddy FECS requested for this dish. Serve with mushroom sauce, or sometimes when I don't have mushroom sauce, I will just serve with ketchup. In order for it to coat well, the flour and corn starch helped a lot.

Sorry, we were too hungry, and alas, forgot to take a picture of the final product. Hope to remember next time.




Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Adapted from Kawaiisweetworld
 Servings 4


1. 1/2 cup flour
2. 1/4 tsp baking soda
3. 1/4 cup butter, softened
4. 2 TBS sugar
5. 2 TBS brown sugar
6. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
7. 1 TBS milk


Add in a handful of chocolate chips to the cookie dough above.
You can add this into the ice-cream you are making


1. In a mixing bowl, add butter, milk, vanilla extract and sugar and mix well.
2. Add flour and baking powder and mix well.
3. Sprinkle in the chocolate chips and mix well.

Additional Information:

We made these during my niece and nephew's visit to Denmark in June. My niece requested to make edible cookie dough, but we had been busy travelling and seeing Denmark. It was towards the end of their trip, and we were scaling down on the outings and have some home time. So we made it on 20 June, just a day before they left - I am so glad I made it :-)

Writing this post brought back so much sweet and wonderful memories. It was a one of a life time trip for the kids, but also for me :-)

It was my niece who found the recipe that she has always been wanting to try. Kawaii Sweet World is her favorite blogger :-) We think that it could do without the salt and less sugar, but otherwise, we thoroughly enjoyed it, and also the fun of making it.

My mum, always the one with the sweetest teeth, took a bite, and said 很好吃, and she almost finished it for us :-)

We made an additional batch on the same day and add them into the homemade cookie dough ice-cream :-)


Monday, 28 May 2018


Science Experiment on Diffusion - Skittle Rainbow

Age: 9-13 years old


To demonstrate the concept of diffusion, which is the movement of substance from a region of higer concentration to a region of lower concentration.


1. Skittles
2. 1 plate
3. Water


1. Line up the skittles on a white plate as shown below.

2. Add some water in the centre so that the water just touch the skittles.

3. Observe what happen for a few minutes. What did you see?

Additional Information:

My niece and nephew are here with us for holidays. We tried this today with my niece, who is on vacation to Denmark, as part of the homework assigned by her school for the school holidays. It was simple, fun and easy to carry it out :-) I am going to do this Science experiment with our Little FECS as well :-)

 1. Line up the skittles on a white plate as shown.

 2. Add some water in the centre so that the water just touch the skittles

3. The diffusion started when the water touched the skittles

4. After a few minutes... it looked like this :-) My nephew commented that it looked like pineapple of multi colors :-)

Monday, 7 May 2018


Blooming Tulip Fields in Denmark

Tulip field in Bøgehave in Lolland Denmark (Tulipan marken i Bøgehave - Vesterborg - Lolland)

There are actually tulip fields in Denmark!!! After 17 years of being in Denmark, I didn't know about it until recently!!! The tulip fields are low key in Denmark. Not many people know about them. Thus, it's a well-kept secret in Denmark.

Because of the colder climate, the Danish tulips bloom a little later than in Holland, more towards the end of April and beginning of May. This year, we went there on 29th April to feast our eyes, and we were not disappointed at all.

For a moment,  we felt like we were in the Netherlands... it was amazing and simply mesmerizing!!!

The owner of the tulip field was very kind. I called him more than once to follow the tulips progress as I didn't want to miss it and he gladly obliged with my questions. He even texted me an sms on the address of the field.

And Baby FECS had a sensory Montessori experience at the tulip field. She went about smelling each and every tulip... well almost :-)

Here are the details:


Vedbyvej 15, 4953 Vesterborg

Note: I heard that the actual location shift a little every year, so it is good to call in advance to get the more accurate location and to find out when it will be a good time to see these tulips.

There is another tulip field in Juland. Check it out here:


Fole og Gram på Folevej, 6510 Gram

29 April 2018 (1Y11M13D) & (9Y2M24D)

Saturday, 21 April 2018


Homemade Pizza Dough form Meyer's Recipe

Makes 6

1. 3 g yeast
2. 550 g cold water
3. 900 g flour
4. 100 g wholewheat flour (fuldkornshvedemel - gerne ølandshvedemel)
5. 2 TBS leaven (surdej) (optional)
6. 25 g salt

1. In a mixing bowl, mix yeast with water.
2. Add leaven (surdej), flour and whole wheat flour and knead well.
3. Add salt and knead the dough through.
4. Transfer dough onto the table surface spread with oil, and turn it around in oil, so that all sides are covered.
5. Let it rest for 20 minutes.
6. Cut the dough into 6 pieces and form them into a ball.
7. Cover each dough with film.
8. Let them rest at room temperature for 2 hours.
9. Thereafter, let them rise in the fridge for 6-12 hours.
10. Take the dough out 1-2 hours before baking.
11. Place the baking tray and pre-heat the oven to the highest temperature available for 30 minutes.
12.  Form the dough into pizza and add your favourite toppings.
13. Place the pizzas in the oven one at a time and bake them for 10-14 minutes until it turns golden.

Additional Information:
This recipe is from Meyers

Sunday, 18 March 2018


C's Lunch Box - Sweet Potato Fries

 Top layer clockwise from left: Sweet potato fries left-over from dinner, egg white, strawberries, rye bread with egg yolk spread and sprinkled with cress, potato left-over from dinner, mozzarella cheese.

Bottom layer clockwise from left: Pineapple, melon, shredded carrots with raisins and raspberries with raisins.

Honey Glaze Seasoning for Oven-Roasted Chicken


Ingredients for Honey Glaze Seasoning:

Mix well:

1. 1 TBS honey
2. 1 TBS olive oil
3. 2 TBS water
4. 2 TBS chopped parsley

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degree celsius. Spread 1 TBS olive oil on the bottom of the oven-proof dish. Rub pressed garlic on chicken, sprinkle salt and pepper to chicken and roast for 50 minutes.

 2. Remove chicken from oven, and pensel the honey glaze seasoning  on the chicken.

3. Roast for another 10 minutes or until golden (I am serving it with oven-baked sweet potato fries - see recipe here)

 Now it is ready to serve :-)

Recipe from Irma supermarket:

Sunday, 11 March 2018


A Story by Our Little FECS on Cow-Monkey

11 March 2018 (9Y6D)

Our Little FECS is into writing small stories recently. He would come up with storyline himself. He would sometimes write 3-4 stories in a day. Then Daddy FECS and him would sit down  at the computer to type it out. And Daddy FECS wand him will search for pitcutres from the internet. Our Little FECS wants to compile them into a book.

Here is one of the small stories by our Little FECS... I read it and asked him, is he writing about himself??? He refused to give a direct answer, but just grinned from ear to ear... hmmmm

Here is the English translation:

Once a upon a time, there was a cow... 

... it was married to a monkey.

They got a child.

"See," said the cow. "It is going to be a cow."

"No," said the monkey. "It is going to be a monkey."

They got angry with each other and asked the doctor.

The doctor said, "It is a cow-monkey."

So asked the monkey, "What does one such creature eat?"

"It eats bananas and grass," answered the doctor.

So home they went.

Years passed and the cow-monkey would  soon start school.

They couldn't figure out which school, he should attend.

First, they tried the cow school. That didn't go so well.

So they tried the monkey school. That didn't go very well too.

Then they tried the mix-animal school, and the cow-monkey got a friend, which was a monkey-cat.

We are catching this moment. Usually, he is quite sloppy when he writes his alphabet... and it exasperated me. No matter how I nag, correct, etc. him... we only get into a power struggles, and it is a kill joy. I can only pray for wisdom how to guide and teach a child.

But since he got interested into writing essays, I could see that he takes more pride in writing his letters more neatly. It also helps his spelling.

I thank God for this moment He provided to encourage and build his self-motivation, for definitely it is not by me.

How great and wonderful our God is. When moms get down on our knees and pray for our kids. It's the best parenting. It's humbling. It means that we are not in control of everything. But God is in control. We need to surrender our loads to Him, especially in the area of parenting. Well, I am still learning how to give our cares of God. This little encounter serves as a testimony for me to remember always to pray and leave God to the rest.

Frikadeller - Danish Meat Balls with Oats

1. 1 packet of minced pork 7% (500g)
2. 1 large onion minced
3. 1 garlic clove minced
4. 1 egg
5. 2 TBS oats
6. 2 TBS flour
7. 150ml fresh milk
8. 1 tsp wheat germ (optional)
9. 1.5 tsp salt
10. Dash of pepper

1. Mix all the ingredients together with hands or a mixer.
2. Rest for 30 mins in the fridge (optional)
3. Form into balls.
4. Pre-heat pan with cooking oil (needs a full layer of oil to cover the pan)
5. Fry on high heat for 30 seconds and quickly reduce to medium heat (otherwise the outside is burned, but the inside is still uncooked).
6. Serve with sprinkle of chives or cucumber.

You can also place in pre-heat oven at 200 degree celsius for 20 minutes or until golden.

Additional Information:
11 March 2018 - Our Little FECS suggested making meat balls today. We baked half of them in the oven and fry half of them. I asked our Little FECS and Daddy FECS if they have any preference, they said both tasted equally good. The ones which were fried were more crunchy, but can also a bit hard, if it is a bit too fried and burnt. Baby FECS liked it too, but preferred the sweet potato fries best of all.


 11 March 2018 (9Y6D): Our Ltittle FECS suggested making Danish meat balls together. Here he is helping to mix them using our hand-mixer :-)


Sweet Potato Fries

1. 4 sweet potatoes cut into fries (approx. 500g)
2. 2 TBS olive oil

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degree celsius.
2. In an oven proof dish, toss sweet potatoes with just enough oil to coat (1-2 TBS olive oil)
3. Place in oven and bak for 45 minutes or until golden.

You can also bake it for 20 mins under 220 degree celsius, but some parts gets burn easily quite quickly. I prefer to bake it at a lower temperature, so that I don't have to watch them so often.

Additional Information:
Baby FECS loves this. Our Little FECS and Daddy FECS love it too. You don't have to add any salt, as sweet potatoes are by nature sweet. Just baking it on its own brings out the sweetness without any seasoning. Sweet potato is a known super food, so I am so happy that it is so easy to make, yet so tasty and nutritious :-)

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