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Top 50+ Free Fun Things to Do with Kids in Denmark

Children's Animal Farm Playground

Copenhagen has many fun things to offer kids, and what's best is that it is very often even free :-)

If you are a tourist with children on a shoestring budget, below are, in my opinion, the top 50 free places and activities in Copenhagen and greater Copenhagen you could do with your kids. These places are open all year round, although some are best visited during summer:

1. Playgrounds in Fælledparken Østerbro - The Traffic Playground (Trafiklegepladsen), The Toddler's Pool (Vandidrætslegeplads), The Tower Playground (Tårnlegepladsen) & The Garden of Senses (Sansehaven)

2. Grantoftegaard Farm Ballerup - Free horse-carriage rides on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 12 pm  (except week 29, 30 & 31)

3. Blegedamsremisen Indoor Playground Østerbro -  If it's raining, head towards the free indoor playground for babies and young kids, especially designed for gross motor skills development. Do check its Facebook page for the latest information on opening time.

4. Huset KU.BE Frederiksberg - Free modern indoor play facilities.

5. Children's Animal Farm Playground (Bondegården Sundbyvester) - Free pony-riding or horse-carriage ride at 2.30 pm (1.30pm on weekends)

6. Outdoor Construction playground (Remiseparkens Byggelegeplads)

7. Glyptoteket Museum - With over 10,000 works of art and archaeological objects and offers ever new perspectives on life, culture and civilization through a time span of 6,000 years. Free entrance on Tuesday

8. Trelleborg Vikingeborgen - A viking fortress and its museum includes models, archaeological finds and reconstructions that give a vivid impression of Trelleborg’s history, its inhabitants and the function of the fortress. Free entrance on regular days.

9. Thorvaldsens Museum - Art & sculpture museum with free entrance on Wednesdays.

10. Christiansborg Tower - The highest tower in Copenhagen, and it offers a magnificent view of the city's rooftops.

11. Botanical Garden - A garden of sensory experience for kids, esp. babies, with all the beautiful bright and colorful flowers.

12. Deer Park Klampenborg (Jægersborg Dyrehaven) - A park free to visit where deers are freely spotted :-)

13. Fisketorvet Coral Reef Aquarium - Small children would enjoy to see the beautiful fish in the great coral reef aquarium in this shopping centre.

14. Copenhagen Free Walking Tours - Every day at 10am, 11am, and 3pm from the City Hall Steps, Rådhuspladsen

15. Svanemøllestranden - Kids' friendly yacht harbour with a kids' friendly beach and a nice promenade for a picnic and a swim.

16. Furesøbad - Kids' friendly beach ideal on the Furesø Lake ideal for a picnic, sand play and a swim.

17. Frederiksdal Fribad - Kids' friendly beach ideal for a picnic, sand play and a swim. You can park for free along Virum Vandvej 2, 2830 Virum and it is a 5 mins walk from there.

18. Vedbæk Havn - Here is another ideal and cozy harbour with kids friendly beach ideal for a picnic, sand play and a swim.

19. Rungsted Harbour - Free crab-catching & crab-racing.

20. Ud i Naturen - Here you can find free nature activities such as guided nature walk, wild plants and herbs picking trips, wild mushroom-picking trips, etc. all over Denmark.

21. Danmarks Naturfredningsforening Lyngby-Taarbæk - Here you can find free nature activities such as guided nature walk, wild plants and herbs picking trips, wild mushroom-picking trips, etc. within the Kongens Lyngby Copenhagen suburb.

22. Københavns Hovedbibliotek - Visit Copenhagen Central Library where kids can have fun and tumble round in letters

23. Biblioteket Rentemestervej - Interesting interior deco of green boxes at the children's section for books and climbing around :-)

24. Helsingør Hovedbiblioteket Kulturværftet - Helsingør main library located on the first floor of Kulturværftet is super cozy for kids with interesting exhibitions, quality toys, Playstation 4 & Wii, films, board games and musik and the Friday play day for kids 0-5 years old.

25. Hans Christian Andersen's final resting place in the Assisten's Church yard in Copenhagen

26. Ballerup Museum - A Museum in the charming village community in Pederstrup. You can among other things experience a classroom from the year 1900 and a section with oldstyle toys. In the farmhouse of Lindbjerggaard you can experience the living quarters of a farmer as they looked like in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Furthermore, there are many free and fun things for kids to experience in Copenhagen at different times of the year. Many take place in conjunction with the various festivals all year round. If you are staying in Copenhagen for a longer period, below are some recommendations of activities your kids may enjoy, and adults too :-)

1. Mid April: Cherry-blossom beside Støvnæs Alle 9, 2400 Copenhagen.

2. Mid April: Økodag - Free farm visit, see farm animals, organic dairy food tasting, play with hay (17 April 2017)

3. End April - First week of May: Blooming tulip fields at Vedbyvej 15, 4953 Vesterborg in Lolland

4. Early May: Botanical Garden - See flowers blooming

5. Mid May: Fields of Canola flowers blooming all over the countryside of Denmark

6. Mid June: Rødovre Byfest- Rødovre city party with free amusement rides (15-16 June 2017)

7. Early July: Fields of Poppy flowers bloom at Næsby

8. July - August: The Fredensborg Palace Garden - Garden opens to public

9. June - August: Marionet Teatret at the King's Garden (Kongens Have) - Free puppet theatre show  for kids (3 June - 20 August 2017)

10. June - August:  Havnebadet Islands Brygge - Free harbor swimming incl. a toddler paddling pool

11. June - August: Bavnehøj Friluftsbad - Free open-air swimming pools

12. Mid June: Jordbærcentret Vejborgaard - Strawberry-picking - Free strawberry tasting as you pick

13. Late June: Edderflower-picking to make edderflower cordial all over Denmark, one of which is at at the Sorgenfri Park (Sorgenfriparken)

14. July: Copenhagen Jazz Festival - Some free jazz performance for children (7-16 July 2017)

15. July - August: Eataly - Free Pizza and Pasta-making classes (8 July - 12 August 2017) Check for updates on their Facebook page.

16. August: Cirkusvognen - Free acrobatic, music and small performances.

17. August: Copenhagen Opera Festival Børnesjov - Free performances for kids (6 August 2017)

18. Mid August: Vedbæk Havnedag - The yearly harbor fun-fair provides free breakfast, free performances, some free food sampling, free helium balloons and many free games and activities for kids (13 August 2017 9am - 5pm)

19. Mid August: Dragør Havnefest - Dragør harbour party with free children's activities (18-20 Aug 2017)

20. Late August: Rungsted Havnefest - Rungsted harbour party with free children's activities (23-27 August 2017)

21. Late August: Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival - Free food-making and tasting activities (28-27 August 2017)

22. Late August: Kulturhavn Festival - More than 250 free activities including kids' activities at the Kids' Land (Børnelandet ved Operaen) such as sailing, basket ball, handball, dancing, judo, martial arts, swimming activities, art-&-crafts, coding, robotics, Ballet, trampoline, etc. (25-27 August 2017)

23. Early September: Frydenlund Frugtplantage - Pear picking free if you pick and taste them on the spot, but it costs 16 kr. per kg to bring them home. The sweetest type is Clara Friis. You have to be there on the first Saturday of September when the farm opens for picking. The pears go fast.

24. Early September: Liv i Lyngby - Lyngby city party with free activities for children (2 September 2017)

25. Early September: Økologisk Høstmarked Dag - Free farm visit, see farm animals, organic dairy food tasting, make twist bread-on-a-stick (snobrød) over bonfire, pony-riding, horse-carriage, play with hay, dairy food-sampling (2-3 September 2017 10am - 4pm)

26. September: Naturensdag - Free nature activities such as making bread on a stick, canoeing, look at insects, etc. (10 September 2017)

27. Mid September: Edderberry-picking to make edderberry cordial at the Sorgenfri Park (Sorgenfriparken)

28. Late September: Åbent Landbrug Farm Open House - Every 3rd Sunday of Sep, tour the stable, pat rabbits, experience the big farm machines, go on a tractor ride, see cows being milked, play with the hay stacks, ride a pony, free dairy food sampling, see modern milk production, bake pancakes over bonfire, ride mini-tractor, etc. (17 Sep 2017 10am - 4pm)

29. Early October: Chestnut-picking near Virum Gymnasium at junction of Fuglsangvej 66, 2830 Virum and Hasselvej, Assistent kirkegård og Frederiksberg hospital

30. Early October: Frydenlund Frugtplantage - Apples picking free if you pick and taste them on the spot, but it costs 16 kr. per kg to bring them home

31. Mid October: Visit a pumpkin field. You can harvest your own pumpkin, however, you would have to pay for the pumpkin. If you want to harvest your own pumpkin, you have to be there on the first weekend when it is open for self-harvest of pumpkin, as they go fast, usually 16 October. Check their facebook page for updates. Here is another farm for self-harvesting of pumpkins.

32. December: Sagnlandet Land of Legends - Free entrance on 2-3, 9-10 16-17 Dec. Activities in the viking park are all free.

33. November - February: Lindevangsparken Skating Ring - Free skating ring during winter, but you have to bring your own skates.

Do also check out the post the Top 25+ Things to Do with Kids in Denmark

The Playgrounds in Fælledparken Copenhagen

The Toddler's Pool (Vandlegepladsen)

Fælledparken, a People's Park situated in the Østerbro district is a large park a.k.a. "The Central Park" of Copenhagen. It has four very interesting playgrounds (plus two other decent playgrounds) which are worth a visit, if you are looking for things to do with kids in Copenhagen:

1. The Toddler's Pool (Vandlegepladsen)
2. The Traffic Playground (Trafiklegepladsen)
3. The Tower Playground (Tårnlegepladsen)
4. The Garden of Senses (Sansehaven)
5. The two Serridslevvej North and South Playgrounds

Very likely you would not be able to cover all four playgrounds in a day. But if you are on a time constraints and still want to experience and sample all four playgrounds in a day anyway, this post serves as an aid to provide an overview and help in your planning. All four playgrounds are free - that's the amazing thing I love about Copenhagen :-)

Below is a map from Google showing the locations of four of the playgrounds in Fælledparken:

1. The Toddler's Pool (Vandlegepladsen):

Address: Edel Sauntes Allé, 2100 København Ø

2. The Traffic Playground (Trafiklegepladsen):

Recommended age group: 2-14 years old
Address: Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 10, 2100 København Ø

3. The Tower Playground (Tårnlegepladsen):

Address: Frederik V’s Vej 4, 2100 København Ø

4. The Garden of Senses (Sansehaven):

Address: Øster Allé, 2100 København

5. The two Serridslevvej North and South Playgrounds denoted by the two smileys:

Public Transport: Svanemøllen train station, thereafter bus 1A, 14

Free Summer School Holidays Cooking Workshops for Kids

We just discovered that there are free kids' cooking class during the Danish school holidays that last from July to mid August, at the Italian Restaurant Eataly on Saturdays between 11.30-12.30pm. Such cooking courses for kids would normally cost a fortune in Singapore.

Some of the workshops are:
  • Pizza Party
  • Watermelon Decoration
  • Italian Fruit-sticks
  • Gnocchi Workshop
  • Pasta Workshop
The restaurant is located inside Illum departmental store at Strøget, the car-free shopping street of Copenhagen.

Details are as follows:

Address: Illum Departmental Store, Østergade 52, 1100 København K
Nearest Train Station: Nørreport
Nearest Metro Station: Kongens Nytorv


Marionet Teatret - Free Puppet Theatre for Kids

There are free puppet theater for kids in Copenhagen at the King's Garden (Kongens Have) during the summer period. Below are the details:

3. & 4. june: 2 pm & 3 pm
6. june – 23. june: 10 am & 11 am – weekends 2 pm & 3 pm
24. june – 20. august: 2 pm & 3 pm
Performances every day, except Monday

Address: Kronprinsessegade 21, 1306 København K
Tel: 33 12 12 29

Here is the map from Google:


Rungsted Harbour - Crab-catching & Crab-racing

A dear couple friend offered to babysit our kids for us and we went for a short date - walk and dinner at Sticks n Sushi restaurant at Rungsted Harbour and discovered a gem for crab-catching. The Rungsted Harbour is an upmarket restaurant and shopping by the seaside approx. 30 mins drive north of Copenhagen. You can also rent boats to go out fishing during the day or at night. There are also bicycles for rent at the harbour office.

Rungsted Harbour is one of the best places for crab-catching as it has a child-friendly short jetty constructed completed with a catchment net just beside the fish restaurant called Fiskerikajen. The Crab-catching activity is free. You just have to bring your own fishing net and a pail.

 After catching the crabs, you can release them by having a race with a crab that your friend caught and see which crab is fastest at crawling back into the water.

As a bonus, your child can also try the excavator, but it cost 10 DKK per try.

Rungsted Harbour (Runget Havn)
Address: Rungsted Havn 10, 2960 Rungsted Kyst

You can find the map of Rungsted Havn below:

Saturday 29 July 2017


Free Copenhagen Indoor Play Facilities - The KU.BE House Frederiksberg Copenhagen (Huset KU.BE)

Huset KU.BE stands for culture-&-movement house (Kultur-og bevægelseshus) in Frederiksberg. It is basically what we call a community centre in Singapore. It has a modern indoor play facilities designed with the aim of developing kids' gross motor skills and is brilliantly integrated into the interior of the building, which is interesting and fun for kids.

Here is the entrance of the building:

There are a total of 10 play areas to explore:

1. Baby/Toddler play area (Ground floor)
2. Double story giant slide (Ground-second floor)
3. Rock climbing-cum-slides (Ground floor)
4. Mini tunnel (Ground floor)
5. Vertical maze 8 (Second floor)
6. Cubic maze (Second floor)
7. Speed hit-the-light play station (Second floor)
8. Net tunnel (Third floor)
9. Running track (Fourth floor)
10. Outdoor play area

11. Library (second floor) (Non-play area)

The play facilities are free, but can be occasionally closed due to maintenance or arrangements in the house. You can call in advance to make sure that it is open.

You have to remove your shoes to enter the play facilities, thus it is recommended to bring along indoor shoes, although it is fine to wear stocks too.

1. Baby/Toddler play area (Ground floor)

The play section for babies and toddlers is located on the ground floor right after you enter the building opposite to the cafe.

Baby FECS really enjoyed it. She enjoyed exercising her gross motor skills and crawling into the cylinder holes :-)

This picture shows how the baby/toddler play section looks like.

2. Double story giant slide (Ground-second floor)

On the same location, there is this giant pipe slide that leads down right to the baby play section:

To access the giant slide, you have to go upstairs to the second floor. There are both a lift and staircase to go to the second floor:

Even toddlers couldn't resist the thrill of the giant slide too :-)

I love how the slide is integrated into the building. There is something very exciting about going to the second floor to go down a slide to the ground floor and our Little FECS thoroughly enjoyed it :-)

Here comes our Little FECS  down the slide :-)

3. Rock climbing-cum-slides (Ground floor)

Walking further in on the ground floor, you would arrive at the rock climbing-cum-slides, which was a hit with our Little FECS and children 4-8 years old:

Our Little FECS trying out the play facilities on the ground floor:

Although Baby FECS is too young for this, she had a great time too, and wanted to join in. She tried to climb up the slope with Daddy FECS' help :-)

Baby FECS was both thrilled and awed by the slide:

4. Mini tunnel (Ground floor)

On the ground floor in the tunnel leading to the washrooms, there is a mini tunnel fun for the little ones to explore:

Here comes Baby FECS too (after much coaxing) :-)

5. Vertical maze 8 (Second floor)

On the second floor, you will encounter this interesting vertical play maze along a large wall:

You can either start from the bottom and climb up, or start from the third floor and climb down. Our Little FECS decided that he wanted to climb up:

Hurray, he has found the exit at the top :-) :

Here is the entrance leading to the vertical maze on the third floor:

Our Little FECS entered the entrance on the third floor and climbed all the way down again, this time via a different route :-)

He exited via another exit:

You can also try this pole:

6. Cubic maze (Second floor)

Still on the second floor, just next to the vertical maze is this other interesting cubic maze to explore:

At first I thought you just simply crawl around inside...

but our Little FECS discovered that this cubic maze also leads you all the way to up the third floor!!! How exciting!!!

7. Speed hit-the-light play station (Second floor)

Just outside the lift on the second floor, you can play with this - hitting the light each time it light up:

8. Net tunnel (Third floor)

On the third floor in the yellow room, you can play with this tunnel made of net:

Our Little FECS decided to try it:

I must say the net looks rather thin and it is a little scary to think that you are putting all your weight on the net and there are no cushions to withstand the fall through the net in case it gives way. This is the only feedback I would like to offer to the KU.BE personnel.

Our Little FECS braved it through all the way through to the exit:

Not wanting to be out-done, Baby FECS also wanted to have a try to climb up the net tunnel:

We were trying to dissuade our Baby FECS from entering the net and we carried her away:

9. Running track (Fourth floor)

There is a running track for young kids are located on the third floor. When you came out of the net tunnel room, you will find it outside the third floor lift lobby:

If you access it via the lift to the third floor, you will find it fascinating in that the moment the lift door opens, there it is right outside in front of you, right to your face. 

It may be a little of a colliding hazard though, as you may come out from the lift and collide straight into kid who comes running pass you.

Baby FECS was very fascinated with this little slope stand for the winner of the race. She used it as a slide and it is the perfect size for toddler her age :-) 

She slided up and down several times. It was definitely a hit :-) Our Little FECS loves it too. He particularly enjoyed the ramp on the side of the running track :-)

There is a very nice library for kids too :-) It is located on the second floor:

10. Outdoor play area

There is also an out-door play area with pillars of tree trunks for kids to climb around:

Outdoor trampolin:

The handicap ramp is part of the fun for kids too :-)

The play facilities are open as follows:

Mon-Fri: 09.00-18.30
Sat: 10.00-18.30,
Sun: 10.00-15.00.
Close on public holidays

There is underground parking just next to the compound:

There are also parking (not free) available in the surrounding area for 2 hrs:

You can also park at the parking house for Lidl supermarket next door free for an hour. We didn't drive, preferring to take the metro here and the train back. We bought mineral water from Lidl, which is always offering friendly prices :-)

The nearest Metro and S-train station (they are situated together) is Flintholm and it is only 3 minutes walk from the station to The KU.BE House.

There is a cafe, but you can also bring along lunch boxes, and there is an area with tables and chairs to eat your lunch boxes. It is pram-friendly and you can bring along your pram indoor with no problem.

There is free wifi.

You can read more here

Here are the details:
Address: Dirch Passers Alle 4, 2000 Frederiksberg.
Tel: 28 98 09 24
Flintholm metro/train station

One last picture before we say goodbye to the KU.BE :-) It is not a very big place. I would say an hour is sufficient to cover all the play areas. Our Little FECS wanted to have a little more time though. We arrived there at 2.45 pm and we left at 4 pm.

P.S. Not quite part of this post, but just for memory, before we arrived KU.BE, we had Chinese food for lunch at Chinatown during my one-to-one time with our Little FECS as he was craving for some Chinese food (We went there on two separate occasions, first with Baby FECS on 28 July 2017, while Little FECS was away at a camp and I with Little FECS on 31 July 2017 thereafter).

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