Sunday 30 July 2017


Rungsted Harbour - Crab-catching & Crab-racing

A dear couple friend offered to babysit our kids for us and we went for a short date - walk and dinner at Sticks n Sushi restaurant at Rungsted Harbour and discovered a gem for crab-catching. The Rungsted Harbour is an upmarket restaurant and shopping by the seaside approx. 30 mins drive north of Copenhagen. You can also rent boats to go out fishing during the day or at night. There are also bicycles for rent at the harbour office.

Rungsted Harbour is one of the best places for crab-catching as it has a child-friendly short jetty constructed completed with a catchment net just beside the fish restaurant called Fiskerikajen. The Crab-catching activity is free. You just have to bring your own fishing net and a pail.

 After catching the crabs, you can release them by having a race with a crab that your friend caught and see which crab is fastest at crawling back into the water.

As a bonus, your child can also try the excavator, but it cost 10 DKK per try.

Rungsted Harbour (Runget Havn)
Address: Rungsted Havn 10, 2960 Rungsted Kyst

You can find the map of Rungsted Havn below:

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