Friday, 25 March 2011


Montessori Activities for Toddlers (from 1 year old)

Here is a compilation of fun and educational Montessori activities for toddlers from 1.5 year old.

Practical Life:

Correcting Errors with Mirror

Inserting Ice-cream Sticks

Inserting Toothpicks

Matching Pictures

Matching Shapes

Pouring Beans

Stringing Beads with Wire Mesh





Distinguishing between Hot & Cold

Fabric Scraps

Hard & Soft Sensory Box

Heavy & Light Sensory Box

Inside & Outside Sensory Box

Mystery Bags

Textured Collages


Scent Sensory Containers


Musical Instruments


Shaker Bottles

Basket of Spoons, Lids & Pots

String of Bells

Nature Walk


I "Spy" Bags

Simple Puzzles

Additional Information:
Here are two of my favourite books providing hands-on guide on Montessori activities that are practical, simple, easy to follow, fun to read an full of pictures. These books also provide lots of ideas on using simple equipment that you can find at home. You can find them in Amazon. However, if you have to only pick one, I would recommend the first book "Teach Me to Do It Myself":


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