Wednesday 30 March 2011


J Summary (2Y25D) - Walking on Wooden Line

Language Development

This morning, I left for work after saying good-bye to J. Daddy told me that J said to him afterwards, "mor arbejder" meaning mommy works in English. Daddy then said to J in Danish, "Det er rigtig, mor arbejder. Arbejder J også?" which means "that's correct, mommy goes to work. Does J go to work too?". To which J replied, "Nej" meaning, no in English. J certainly answered correctly, but we wondered whether he really understood the meaning of "arbejde".

Walking on Wooden Line

Today Daddy told me that J (2Y25D) walked wooden line together with A (2.5 years old) at the daycare. Each walked from the furthest end towards each other. When they reached the middle, J hugged A and A hugged J. A then gave J a kiss. How sweet!!! Wished I was there to witness it. J also jumped off the wooden pole onto the sand about the height of a table.

Then A and J fought over the car seat. Amy cried. Daddy told J that A was sad. To our great surprise, J replied, "også mig" meaning also me in Danish. J could understood what Daddy said and replied showing that he understood the emotion of being sad.

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