Thursday 10 March 2011


Montessori Activity: Pouring "Tea"/Hæld en kop te/倒茶[dào chá]

Age: Generally from 2 years old

Activity Duration: 5-15 minutes

Preparation Time: 3 minutes


1. To train the child’s hand-eye coordination skill.
2. To teach the child social skills and courtesy.
3. To teach language skills.


1. 1 small jug
2. 2 tea cups
3. 2 saucers (optional)
4. Water (3/4 filled in one of the jug)
5. 1 small towel (to wipe dry the tray)
6. 1 tray


1. Demonstrate to your child by pouring the water from one jug into the tea cups slowly one at a time and repeat.

2. Encourage and let your child try it by saying, "Please Joshua, could you pour mommy a cup of tea?"

3. Play pretend game and enjoy the "tea" with your child.

4. After the activity, demonstrate to your child by wiping the tray dry using the towel.

5. Encourage your child to try wiping.


Total Cost: 7 DKK (1.70 SGD)
2 tea cups and jug (from second-hand market): 5 DKK (1.20 SGD)
2 Saucers from Søstrene Grene: 2 DKK (0.50 SGD) (Christmas present from dad)
Tray: free from Irma Supermarket

Additional Information:

J tried it on 12.3.2011 (24M6D) during potty time this evening. He poured the water overflowing the tea cups a few times, before finally getting better at it :-) Daddy FECS did a good job teaching him :-)

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