Monday 28 May 2018


Science Experiment on Diffusion - Skittle Rainbow

Age: 9-13 years old


To demonstrate the concept of diffusion, which is the movement of substance from a region of higer concentration to a region of lower concentration.


1. Skittles
2. 1 plate
3. Water


1. Line up the skittles on a white plate as shown below.

2. Add some water in the centre so that the water just touch the skittles.

3. Observe what happen for a few minutes. What did you see?

Additional Information:

My niece and nephew are here with us for holidays. We tried this today with my niece, who is on vacation to Denmark, as part of the homework assigned by her school for the school holidays. It was simple, fun and easy to carry it out :-) I am going to do this Science experiment with our Little FECS as well :-)

 1. Line up the skittles on a white plate as shown.

 2. Add some water in the centre so that the water just touch the skittles

3. The diffusion started when the water touched the skittles

4. After a few minutes... it looked like this :-) My nephew commented that it looked like pineapple of multi colors :-)

Monday 7 May 2018


Blooming Tulip Fields in Denmark

Tulip field in Bøgehave in Lolland Denmark (Tulipan marken i Bøgehave - Vesterborg - Lolland)

There are actually tulip fields in Denmark!!! After 17 years of being in Denmark, I didn't know about it until recently!!! The tulip fields are low key in Denmark. Not many people know about them. Thus, it's a well-kept secret in Denmark.

Because of the colder climate, the Danish tulips bloom a little later than in Holland, more towards the end of April and beginning of May. This year, we went there on 29th April to feast our eyes, and we were not disappointed at all.

For a moment,  we felt like we were in the Netherlands... it was amazing and simply mesmerizing!!!

The owner of the tulip field was very kind. I called him more than once to follow the tulips progress as I didn't want to miss it and he gladly obliged with my questions. He even texted me an sms on the address of the field.

And Baby FECS had a sensory Montessori experience at the tulip field. She went about smelling each and every tulip... well almost :-)

Here are the details:

Tel: 61746192
Name: Iver

Address of the tulip field in 2018:
Vedbyvej 15, 4953 Vesterborg

Address of the tulip field 1 in 2020:
Bønnekevej 11, 4953 Vesterborg

Address of the tulip field 2 in 2020:
Spidsbyvej, 4983 Dannemare

Note: I heard that the actual location shift a little every year, so it is good to call in advance to get the more accurate location and to find out when it will be a good time to see these tulips.

There is another tulip field in Juland. Check it out here:

Fole og Gram på Folevej, 6510 Gram

29 April 2018 (1Y11M13D) & (9Y2M24D)

Update 26 April 2020:

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