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Sommerland Sjælland

Sommerland Sjælland is an amusement park made for the younger kids between 3.5-7 years old. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would say also, because of their gentle rides, it is also a suitable park for the elderly too. And parents can re-live their childhood here too.

The park is located in the country-side with lots of greenery, and thus set behind a beautiful back-drop, unlike Bakken in Copenhagen, which is a pure amusement park packed with rides-to-rides. Compared to Legoland, this park is more down-to-earth and low-key, which is very Danish in my opinion, but still fun.

It has a "bit of everything," and you can try the Danish snobrød, row a boat, see some farm animals, pat a goat and sheep, go fishing... etc. So it is a good place to bring overseas guests to experience a bit Danish life under one roof, especially kids. 

Opening Hours

The park is open from May to August. We went there on 31 July, where they have the longest opening hour from 10-20 hrs. 

The park opens at 10am, but many of the rides open only at 11am, and most of the rides shut down an hour before closing time.

Below is the specific opening time for the different months:


Normal tickets cost 289 DKK. Buying your tickets on-line gave you a discount of 10 DKK for the normal tickets. If you are a member of FDM, you get further discount and we paid 215 DKK per ticket.

If you buy a fixed day ticket on-line, you will pay 169 DKK per ticket, but being Denmark, with unpredictable weather conditions, we decided against this offer.

For the month of July, there are also circus. Going to circus is an expensive affair in Denmark, with ticket costing 500 DKK, thus it is value for money to go there during July as the admission ticket includes also the circus show.

For the most updated information on opening hours and admission prices, click here:


Gl. Nykøbingvej 169
4572 Nr. Asmindrup

+45 59312100

By Car

From Copenhagen, it takes a little more than an hour to drive to the park and 2.5 hours by train. We drove to the park. The first thing upon arrival by car, you will drive-through to buy or show your pre-purchased tickets.  There are ample parking available in the park.

Thereafter, as you follow the road, you will arrive at the open field carpark. Here are more information and a picture of the carpark:

You can find your way there here:

By Train

If you choose to go by train, there is a package including admission tickets. Check their website for more infromation:

If you are arriving by train, here is how the train station at Sommerland looks like:

Map of the Park

The upon train arrives at the door-step of the park as Sommerland has its own train station to the park.

If you drive there, at the drive-though upon arrival, you will be given the park information and map, which is very helpful to gain an overview of the attractions. 

Here is a list of 102 attractions: 

You can also view the on-line brochure here:


We really love the park. It has a bit of everything Danish. If we have visits from our family in Singapore, we hope to bring them there, thus it is nice to know that it is possible to stay overnight in the park in one of their holiday cottages, some even come with spa. There is also some interesting overnight options such as sleeping in a wagon. You can read all about it here:

The first thing we saw were 2 giant hopping floats to the right, sorted according to the height of the children. There are no attendants for the floats and therefore close parental supervision.

Next we saw an interesting maze-like playground to the left.

Klatrefidusen (no. 98 on the map)

Near the entrance is the popular  Klatrefidusen - climbing obstacle course. This is a hit with the kids, and has a queue, so if your kids like this, we recommend that you try this first as one of the first things on arrival, before the queue gets longer. Younger kids below the height of 140cm (if I remember correctly) have to be accompanied by adults.

The obstacle course is a hit with our Little FECS and here he was standing on the queue with Daddy FECS.

Park Train/Wild West-parktog (no. 17 on the map)

We took the train towards the end of the day, when our feet were tired. I find the park a little sprawling. So the train is actually a good way to get a quick tour overview of the park. It would be a good idea to do it as one of the first things upon arrival to the park (after you had tried the obstacle course). There are several hop-on-hop-off stops.

After our experience, it is not a good idea to sit on the first row, as the smoke emitted from the diesel fuel was quite unpleasant.

The whole train ride takes 15-20 minutes, and the train does not run, if it is raining. It may take up to 10-15 minutes for the train to arrive. We took the train at the stop nearest to the driving entrance. 

Batting Balls/Battingbur (no. 18 on the map)

While waiting for the train, you can play with some activities there. Our little FECS was batting a ball suspended by air.

Trampolines/Trampoliner (no. 4 on the map)

Across the obstacle course, you see an impressive field of built-into the ground the trampolines. We did not try this, as there are too many attractions to choose between and so little time. But many children and adults have fun with them:

Mini Cars/MINI-biler (no. 5 on the map)

We tried this after the obstacle course. When the trumpet sounds, the ride ended.

A  little cozy time with daddy while queuing for the mini-cars..

Mini Land (an area covering no. 7-15 on the map)

After the mini-cars, we headed to the Mini-Land, a section consists of the kids-friendly rides for the younger kids. Since we were on the rides, we did not manage to take many pictures.

WildBassen (no. 15 on the map)

Here is one of the rides that we took in Mini Land:

Excavator/Gravemaskiner (no. 23 on the map)

 Our Little FECS was quite thrilled with his simple electrical excavator at the playground near the picnic place. Many of the kids too.

Playground Solborg Legetårn (no. 20 on the map)

It was time for lunch. We had our picnic lunch near this playground.

Row boat/Kanoer/Robåde (no. 59 on the map)

This is a small children amusement park, that has a bit of everything for everyone. After lunch, we walked down the to the lake and row boat. It was a very scenic sight.

Silver City (no. 62 on the map)

We rowed the boat to Silver City and got off. There are more playgrounds there in Texas cowboy style.

Circus/Cirkus Mascot (no. 49 on the map)

There are two shows for the circus, at 2pm and at 4pm. Each show takes 45 minutes. The shows are different, so if you are into circus and have the time, it is worth it to see both shows. On the last long opening day on 31 July, there is also a third show at 6pm, but it is a repeat of the second show, so we did not see it. We watched two of the shows and they were good and exciting. Here are some pictures that we took of the circus:

We did not have to queue very long and although we did not get the best seats, we still got very good view. The circus tent isn't very big.

In between the 2 circus shows from 2.45-4pm, you will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to kill. You can visit the attractions near the circus, which are go-carts, patting rabbits, Amazonas and the Jungle-sti.

Go-Carts (no. 56 on the map)

There are a double go-cart circuit for parents to try with their kids and a single go-cart circuit for the smaller children to try on their own (according to height). Each try is limited to driving 3 rounds.

Here Daddy FECS and Little FECS tried out the double go-carts:

A helmut kiss :-) :

Aren't my boys cool ;-)

All set, ready to go

After trying out the double go-carts with daddy, our Little FECS gained more experience and courage and was ready to try out the single go-cart on his own. Note, there are no attendants to supervise the kids, and thus it is all the responsibility of parents. As for many other activities in the park, there are surprisingly few attendants for the rides. You ride at your own risk.

Our Little FECS completed the go-cart activity with a photo shot on this back-drop :-)

Jungle Trail/Junglesti (no. 50 on the map)

Time to explore the jungle trail. Consists of many fun outdoor obstacle course that is good for our Little FECS gross motor skill exercise. He enjoyed it a lot. In fact, in my opinion, this is one of the best outdoor obstacle course I have come across. Such a pity that Sommerland Sjælland is so far from where we live. Otherwise, we could come here everyday.

We particularly love the suspended bridge...

Amazon/Amazonas (no. 52 on the map)

Here is the entrance to Amazon. We tried an adventure ride there. This reminds me a little of Legoland.

The boat sailed very slowly..

Opening to the Amazon jungle...

Rabbit Island/Kaninø (no. 55 on the map)

We explored the nearby small Rabbit Island. We discovered only 1 rabbit.

We also had fun water-pedaling on the lake near the Rabbit Island

The Blue Lagune/Den Blå Lagune (no. 46 on the map)

Or you can skip the second circus show, and head straight for the water-rides at the Blue Lagoon:

Although it was a sunny day, there were also many clouds and the weather changes almost every minute. We still felt quite cold, and we didn't try the water rides. But we were quite amazed that our Little FECS dared to try the rides on his own (with us nearby watching down at the foot of the rides, of course)

Main street (no. 47 on the map)

Here is the main street near the water park Blue Lagune. There are several eateries such as pizzeria, bakery, etc. Quite a cozy street:

Gold Mine/Guldgravergrotte (no. 71 on the map)

We took a train back to the Silver City. Our Little FECS trying out his get-rich dream at the gold mine...

He had fun digging with a shovel....

and then found that shoveling was hard work after a while...




Hey, what was that? No, he didn't find any gold :-(, just a stone :-(

Pat a Goat/Klappegeder (no. 92 on the map)

Our Little FECS wanted to pat some goats and we finally found them towards the end of the day.

He also tried feeding them.

He also patted a sheep...

and a chicken..

and saw some farm animals, a pig...

Mini Houses/Mini-Odsherred (no. 90 on the map)

We saw some Danish miniature houses.

Danish Twist bread/Snobrød ved Guldminen (no. 74 on the map)

It was 6pm dinner time, and we were getting hungry. We wanted to have make some Danish twist bread over bon fire, but the dough was sold-out. Only the fire was left. We have to remember to bring your own dough to Sommerland Sjælland next time so that we don't have to buy them on-site.

Steam Engine/Damptog (no. 69 on the map)

So we shared some french-fries at a table inside the steam engine and tried out one last ride (no. 76 Totempælen) before the park closed at 8 pm and we drove back to Copenhagen.

While waiting for the food to arrive, our Little FECS had fun riding a few rounds on the horse. It seemed so simple thrill, but he loved it...

Wildkatten (no. 86 on the map)

This roller-coaster is located near to the entrance arriving by car. It looked rather exciting and for kids, but our Little FECS didn't want to try it.


We only spent one day there, but one day is not enough to cover all the rides and attractions, although it was sufficient enough to try those we prioritized. We had only time to try each attraction one time.

The park is big with many activities. You can easily allocate 1 day for the dry activities and 1 day for the wet activities (water-park).

In June and August, you can stay for the price of 349 DKK for a 2 day entrance and 1 night at the family cottage. Min 3 persons and max. 6 persons.

Updates 1 August 2022:

There is a new Street Food area called Gårdhaven, which stays open after the park is closed until 8.30pm. And some of the rides at Mini Land stays open until 8.30pm. The Street Food section is just behind the Mini Land, and it is open to the general public, even those who are not park visitors. If you go and check out the Street Food, you will need to get a stamp on your hand in order to re-enter the amusement park. In the new Street Food area, there is a treetop climbing. There is also a table surrounded by "chairs" made of "swing".

A couple of the dining tables come with swinging chairs - fun for the kids, but I am not sure if that is good table manners to inculcate the kids with.

There is a new obstacle course for older kids inside the Street Food area, which is open to the public.

I brought Baby FECS to Sommerland Sjælland for the first time on 1 August 2022 (6Y2M15D). Some sweet memories with Baby FECS:

Entrance of Mini Land

This is an electric zip-line that Baby FECS loved so much.

Make your own candy store 30 DKK.

Baby FECS really loves the outdoor obstacle course that Little FECS tried before around her age too.

The sun was shining, Baby FECS was so excited and couldn't wait to go to the waterpark inside Sommerland Sjælland. But atlas, it was quite windy, and the air temperature was only 21 degree C. The water was quite cold. She got cold very quickly after a few rides and we decided to leave. The lesson learned, it is best to come to Sommerland Sjælland on a warm sunny day, but Danish summer, we couldn't control it unfortunately!

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