Friday 17 July 2015


J Summary (6Y4M12D) - Some Profound Questions...

J: Mommy, there are Buddha, Mohammad or Jesus. How do you know which God is the true God?

Mommy: It is based on your conviction and your personal experience of God.

J: What is conviction?

Mommy: Conviction is your faith, your belief. In Danish, it is called "tro." In Chinese, it is called "信"

J: Some religions worship idols made of wood, but mommy, there are also idols in church. The statue of Jesus and the Cross.

Mommy: Those are just for remembrance of Jesus, symbol of Jesus, they are not idols.

J: But they are all made of wood. If God is Spirit, why do we put a cross at the altar and the statue of Jesus and Mary.

Mommy: Good point... J

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