Monday 30 March 2020


Rainbow Fruit Popsicle


For each of the popsicle, add:

1. 2 TBS of blended strawberries sweetened with honey
2. 2 TBS of freshly pressed orange juice
3. 2 TBS of blended pineapple
4. 2 TBS of blended kiwi sweetened with honey
5. 2 TBS of blueberries sweetened with honey


1. Freeze and serve :-)

Additional Information:

We got inspired to make this from the cartoon youtube video by Cocomelon, that Baby FECS love to watch, while we are busy working from home, during lockdown due to Coronavirus situation in Denmark:

20 April 2020 (3Y11M4D)

Wednesday 18 March 2020


C Memory: Mommy Baked a Cake for the First Time

Because of coronavirus, the kindergartens and schools are closed. C asked me to bake a cake. J said that it would be cozy to bake a cake together.

I have never baked a cake before (although I have baked muffins before). After considering for some time, I agreed.

But after 5 minutes, both kids left, leaving me to bake the cake. It took me the whole day and finally it was done.

Daddy FECS and J were very healfh concious and refused to eat it, and I got mad. They took only 1-2 bites. C has a sweet tooth, and couldn't stop eating, and I got worried. If I eat it myself, I would be filled with guilt. I thought of giving it away, but felt bad about giving food to others that I don't want and is also unhealthy for them. If I keep it in the fridge, it is taking up precious space. I thought of throwing it away, but feel that it will be a pity. If I ask Daddy FECS to throw it away for me, may get a lesson 101 from him how I should not bake a cake and waste time and money.

So after 3 days in the fridge, it got too old. I had to pluck up the courage to throw it away.

I told C, this is the last time mommy would ever bake a cake again!!! Unless it is birthday...

C's birthday is coming in a month's time. And Danish moms usually bake their own birthday cakes....

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