Wednesday 20 April 2011


Activities for Toddlers (1-2 Years Old)

Here is a list of activities I am compiling from various sources, mainly Virginia Baptist Church Children Minstry for toddlers 1-2 years old.

1. Play clapping games and sing “If You’re Happy & You Clap Your Hands”
2. Play “Pat-a-Cake”.
3. Let toddlers scatter bread crumbs outside to feed the birds or ducks.
4. Bring fresh flowers for children to smell.
5. Gather fall leaves for children to see.
6. Sort pieces of sandpaper from pieces of smooth cardboard.
7. Provide a large bean bag chair for toddlers to sit on and crawl on.
8. Place empty food containers in a large grocery sack for toddlers.
9. Play with edible dough.
10. Make a fill and dump toy from an oatmeal box.
11. Collect paper towel cylinders and allow toddlers to use them as “telescopes”.
12. Let toddlers pack and unpack clothes in a small satchel.
13. Put two spatulas and a plastic bowl in home living for toddlers.
14. Let toddlers play with a flashlight.
15. Place clean hats in a laundry basket for toddlers to enjoy.
16. Attach footprints to the floor for toddlers to walk on.
17. Gift-wrap several toys and let the children unwrap them.
18. Let toddlers play with old sunglasses with plastic lenses.
19. Play in a large box.
20. Make a basket of surprises, putting different objects in a picnic basket.
21. Bring several different sizes of shoe boxes for toddlers to play with.
22. Provide place mats and plastic dishes on a colorful tablecloth on the floor for toddlers.
23. Place several scarves in home living for toddlers to play with.
24. Put a laundry basket on the floor and let toddlers toss a ball into it.
25. Let toddlers put tennis balls in a trashcan.
26. Hide a musical box or a ticking clock. Can the toddler find it?
27. Bring riding toys for toddlers to use outside.
28. Play telephone games using toy phones.
29. Use pull toys outside.
30. Play with beach balls.
31. Play with wooden puzzles.
32. Play with toy cars.
33. Play a xylophone.
34. Allow toddlers to play with tambourines.
35. Play with large soft plastic farm animals.
36. Allow toddlers to play with a hula-hoop.
37. Encourage toddlers to rock dolls.
38. Let toddlers have paper and big crayons to scribble.
39. Using a large brush, paint with water outside.
40. Let toddlers finger paint with shaving cream (supervise carefully!).
41. Let toddlers experience cold ice.
42. Let toddlers handle vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.
43. Place several apples in a large plastic bowl for children to see and touch.
44. Let children handle fruit such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons.
45. Play with a large tub of cornmeal (place 2 inches in bottom of tub - supervise!).
46. Let children touch pinecones.
47. Provide a large pumpkin for children to see and touch.
48. Provide a fresh coconut for children to touch and handle.
49. Tape record toddlers as they begin to talk and then play it back for them to hear.
50. Listen to lullabies from a recording.
51. Gather three pairs of mittens, place in a box, and allow toddlers to play with them.
52. Make a “My Friends” book, using pictures of each child in a photo album.
53. Salad Spinner Fun

Here are other mommies' blog on Montessori activities for toddlers 1-2 years old:

- Virginia Baptist Church

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