Friday 22 April 2011


Heritage Education: Sharing the Successes of Your Heritage with Your Child

Last week, I met a mother, whose daughter refuses to speak Chinese Mandarin. Yesterday, we met another friend, whose 3 year old daughter refuses to speak English anymore. It is very common that after children started school or even kindergarten, they would feel ashamed of their own mother-tongue and heritage. That is so sad... I have been thinking about how to solve this.

This morning, I got an idea as a solution to this problem, which I am going to try it out over the coming years:

Counter your child's feelings of shamefulness with pride of his heritage.

Here I am compiling a list of achievements of J's heritage, so that when he is older, I would have it ready to inspire him, and to instil pride in him for being a Chinese-Singaporean Dane.

If you are a living in a country where you are a minority, do not despair. Celebrate any small achievements that your heritage contributed to the human kind, no matter how small it may appear to be.


1. To inspire your children

2. To help them feel proud of their heritage

Achievements of Singapore

1. Another S’pore A-level student bags top Literature prize

2. Singapore teen tops world English examination in 2011

3. Singapore ranks 3rd at International Mathematics Olympiad 2011

4. Singapore ranks 1st at OECD's first PISA problem-solving test

5. Singapore tops OECD’s global education ranking in 2015

Achievements of China

1. Shanghai Owns the International PISA Science Math Test 2010

2. China ranks 1st at International Mathematics Olympiad 2011

Achievements of Denmark

1. Susanne Bier won an Oscar

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