Wednesday 20 April 2011


The Number Nursery Rhyme

Age: From 1 year old (Level 1)

This is a very good way to learn numbers AND at the same time to learn language. I got this idea from "Having Fun at Home".

Here is the Number Nursery Rhyme:
One is fun.
Round and back on the railroad track. 2-2-2
Round the tree, round the tree, that's how we make number 3.
down and over, down some more. That's how we make number 4.
Down and around with a flag on top. 5-5-5
A line and a loop, six makes a hoop.
Across the sky, down from heaven. That's how we make number 7.
We make an S, do not wait, climb back up and make and 8.
A loop and a line make number 9.
Straight line down, circle we bend. That's how we make number 10.


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