Sunday 3 April 2011


Encyclopedia Book for Toddler

Age: From 1.5 year old (Ok, this book was not written with toddlers in mind, but it is so good for toddlers)

Additional Information:
J got tired of baby and toddler picture books when he was around 1.5 year old and we got him this book, when he was 1 year 9 months old. My Significant Other suggested buying this encyclopedia for him while we were in Singapore last December. Initially I thought it was too crazy and super-kiasu as J was just a toddler! I would be too embarrassed to tell people that we gave J encylopedia already when he was only 20 months, but I finally could not resist sharing it, as I have seen how much good it has done for J. The Danish Daddy was right after all, and even more kiasu than the Singaporean Mommy!!! This book was a great hit with J straight away. And I think it was because this book contains lots and lots of colourful pictures of living things in nature. J was never bored with it, unlike he was with those expensive baby and toddler picture books, and he seemed to be absorbing so much more from it. We bought this from Popular Bookshop and it cost only 14.90 SGD (62 DKK).

Here is the link to It has really good books for babies, toddlers and kids in both English and Chinese at very economical prices. It has also the Singapore Maths books at prices below what is sold to the U.S.A.

Now that J is 2 years old, we are using this book to teach him how to use magnifying glass, as it contains so many lovely pictures of insects, butterflies, etc.

For those from the US who are using Singapore Maths books, you should try to enquire buying directly from Singapore bookshops.

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