Saturday 9 April 2011


What's in the Bag? It's the Letter Puppets :-)

Age: From 1.5 years old

Acitivity Duration: 5 - 10 minutes

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

1. To teach the sounds of letters.
2. To train the child's sense of sight.

1. A set of 4 homemade letter puppets
2. A larger than A3 size homemade enevelope to contain the letter puppets or bag

1. Put the letter puppets into the bag/envelope, and ask your child to pick out one at a time.

2. Then say the sound of the letter that your child takes out of the bag to your child.

Note: The "How to Raise an Amazing Child" book by Tim Seldin recommends introducing the letters according to the following sets:

1st set: c m a t
2nd set: s r i p
3rd set: b f o g
4th set: h j u l
5th set: d w e n
6th set: k q v x y z

Additional Information:
I don't know how to file this activity as this is a mixture of Montessori idea and my idea. Thus, I have decided to file this activity under the category called "Other Fun and Educational Activities". The "What's in a Bag?" idea is Montessori, while "The Letter Puppets" idea is my own. I find that most younger toddlers do not like sandpaper letters, which is Montessori way of teaching alphabets. Tracing sandpaper letters is also usually introduced to preschoolers and not toddlers. But that would mean that I would have to wait until J is 3 years old or older to introduce letters. However, having lesson with big letter puppets that pops out of a bag is a big hit with J (2Y1M4D) and Amy (2Y8M).

It can be very boring to teach letters. I find that hiding them in a bag or box or envelope creates mystery, and always make the children more interested in learning. J and A got all excited about which letter they picked from the bag. We tried this today during our "Fun with English Class with Toddlers". J (2Y1M4D) and Amy really enjoyed it.

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