Saturday 2 April 2011


Montessori Activity: Scent Sensory Containers/Duft Sensorisk Containere/香味触觉容器 [xiāng wèi chù jué róng qì]

Age: From 1 years old

Activity Duration: 5-10 minutes

Preparation Time: 5 minutes


1. To refine the child’s sense of smell.
2. To increase the child’s understanding and vocabulary of different smells.


1. 4 containers with lid containing with items with strong aroma (I use Chinese tea, Earl Grey, Coffee powder and chocolate powder)
2. 1 tray


1. Demonstrate to your child by smelling each of the container, and then describe the smell.

2. Encourage your child to try.

Video Demonstration:

Additional Information:

I chose to use tea, firstly because they are items which give strong pleasant smell, secondly because it is available in our home and lastly because tea is an important part of Chinese culture.

To reflect our cross-cultural family, I use both Chinese tea and English Early Grey (I ran out of Danish tea) and included also coffee and chocolate powder, or rather specifically carob powder.

I recycled the baby food containers that I have bought to store home-made baby food for this activity, but you can also use store-bought baby food jars.

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