Saturday 9 April 2011


E's "Fun with English" Class with Toddlers

My passion for Child Development & Education grows and grows. I have many ideas and things that I want to do that benefit children and create fun learning. I am so glad that as I read more deeply into this area, I realised that my intuition largely agrees with major educators such as Montessori (there are parts which differs from my own conviction, of course). However, I take a more moderate approach. As part of acquiring a life time PhD on cross-cultural home-making, I have now started this "Fun with English" class last Saturday (2 April 2011) with two students - J and A (my neighbour's daughter). We had a fun time together, both children and mommies.

I want to thank God that the first class went very well. The second class (today) also went very well. It was really sweet to get applause from Amy, my student, and her mother Yang Li told me that Amy told her that she looks forward to our English class every Saturday.

I do not have much expectations for the class, but I am really thankful to God that it is going so well. My prayer request is that I will press on, even when at times it does not go as well as the last two times.

My prayer request is also that this will not grow to become an idol in my life, taking the place of God and my family. Already, I have slackened in my diligence with cooking for my family and of course, time with Daddy.  (But he is very busy undergoing a training program, which requires him to complete a major project and a paper. Thus, it is a very good time now for us, since this is also my major project. But he is finishing it soon, and I will have to devote my time back to my hubby.)

Here are the pictures from the past two classes:

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