Saturday 23 April 2011


J Summary (2Y1M18D) - Room Time Breakthrough

Room Time breakthrough continues...

Today, J played for 45 minutes during Room Time, with incremental of 10 minutes each. The sliding door was closed, and I took the opportunity to teach him respect, by respecting his personal space. I knocked on the door and asked him to please open the door. Then I waited for him to open the door. When I finished giving him his snack, I told him that he may close the door now. He was very thrilled with it, and closed the door and continued playing on his own. I am so happy that he is happy playing on his own in the playroom behind closed door. I think I can safely say bye bye to the risk of ADHD (which runs in my family) now :-) He played with cars, ktichen toys and spent a lot of time playing with playdough.

Language Development

Today, we were out for a walk, and Daddy had to go home. J then said to me: "爸爸回家了", meaning dad went home already in Chinese Mandarin, consisting a subject, verb, object and past tense.

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