Monday 7 March 2011


Exploring Meaningful Career Options for Your Child

I know I might be accused of being a kiasu mom, already thinking of career options for Joshua, who is just 2 years old. But if I come across interesting options, why not file it up in my blog :-)

I remember when I was growing up, I was drifting a lot, indecisive and not knowing what to decide on my courses and specializations. I wanted so much to ask my parents, but unfortunately they could not guide me as they themselves had only received limited education. As such, I have taken a long detour. If I can in some small ways make the detour shorter for Joshua, why not :-)

I will observe the strengths and aptitude that God has given Joshua, then use my radar to survey the world for careers suitables for such strengths and aptitude, planning what path to take to reach there and prayerfully ask for God's guidance :-).

Below is the first link to my compilation:

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