Thursday 27 January 2011


J's Bento-Style Lunch Box 4

Consists of:
- 1/2 or 1 slice of Danish open sandwich cut into half and put in 2 separate container.
- 1 side dish such as pasta with tomato sauce.
- 1 fruit such as banana (which is J's favourite) or blue-berries
- 1 type of finger food or raw piece of vegetable such as baby carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber

1. Pack them in smaller containers with lids.
2. Close them and pack them into a large lunch box.

Additional Information:
This is a very simple lunch pack to make before hand using frozen baby food cubes. It is very healthy or "plain" to most toddlers, but J has been trained since he was 10 months old to eat them. He has now acquire the taste of it. He is now 22 months and still eating them, and hopefully it will last as long as possible.
It will usually comes back empty, except for the raw vegetables. But I am not discouraged. I will try again and again with the raw food, and re-introduce it once in a while.

The principle behind it is to include the following:
- To feed the rainbow, i.e. the variety of vegetables/fruit of different colours
- To continue training the child to eat raw vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes.
- To provide a varied and balance meal consisting of bread, vegetable and fruit.

Notice that the lunch pack does not contain meat. This is because it is harder to keep it fresh, harder to prepare them in batches and also because J gets to eat meat during dinner time.

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