Sunday 25 September 2011


J Summary (2Y6M20D) - Full of Opinions

Today, Daddy walked down the stairs. He turned back, J wasn't there. J walked to the lift and took the lift down by himself to the ground floor (we have a lift at our place, although there are only 3 storeys altogether).

We were very amused and at the same time, not quite sure whether to rejoice at J's latest ability to take the lift successfully without being afraid or to be angry with him for not telling us his intention. I think we should be firm about insisting obedience, but at times like this, we failed.

This morning at the flea market, J wanted to lead the way, and play with all the toys at the different stores. Gone were the days, where he was happy to look, while we shopped. Now he has an opinion on which toys he wanted, which stall, he wanted to stop by and he wanted mostly junk toys!!! I mean those toys void of any educational value or broken.

In this aspect, I do not totally follow the Montessori's philosophy of following the child. Taken literally, we may be following the child blindly. I still think that we know better, and we direct.

This morning, he wanted to bring Monkey Mommy, Monkey baby, Rabbit Daddy, Teddy Bear and Patrick down for breakfast. I told him that he could only choose two. He counted his stuff toys correctly from one to five and said he wanted to bring all fives down for breakfast. I insisted that he could only bring two. Two... five... two... five, but finally Joshie relented. He was willing to pick two. He chose Monkey Mommy and Monkey baby. The first thing he did was to go to the playroom and made two plates with fanta colour pegs for them for breakfast, before he went to the breakfast table.

Two days ago at bed time, J asked to pray for my sis, GW, Amy, YL, granny and grandpa.... and I started praying... and in the middle of it, he said amen amen... almost signally that I was too longwinded... arrrgghhh!!! My sister (who was here visiting me from SG) and I laughed and laughed. And Joshie laughed along non-stop. He can be really funny at times. What a character he has become... he is really no longer a baby...

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  1. Hello Elaine,

    I love reading your blog. You made such a difference in my life last week through the posts about being a better wife. I needed to read every single one of your posts at that very time.

    I am learning a lot and just wanted to drop a note to say Thank you.


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