Wednesday 7 September 2011


J Summary (2Y6M1D) - Language Explosion

Language Development

The teacher at the daycare told Daddy today that J is undergoing language explosion. There was a quantum leap at 2 years old, and there seems to be another quatum growth spurt now at 2.5 years old. She was very amazed that considering J's age (2.5 years old), his gender (being a boy) and his background of being exposed simultaneously to three languages, that his Danish language ability has not slowed down or hampered, but on the contrary, his Danish language ability has become very advanced, perhaps even a little more advanced than most Danish kids his age. She told us that J is using time adverb, space adverb and some rather complex phrases for his age. I am amazed how 6 months can make such a great difference!

I hate to admit it, but I am starting to feel that I am beginning to learn new vocabulary from J Danish expressions such as "at tygge af munden" meaning chew your food.

J's teacher was also amazed at his ability to understand abstract concepts, such as when he was shown an apple, he could point and say that the apple came from the apple tree outside. His sense of direction is very good. For example, when asked where Amy's home is, he could direct us in the right direction from our living room.


J has started eating apples, banana and bread again. I was very pleased that this evening, he asked me to cut him an apple.

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