Tuesday 27 September 2011


Reflection: Courage to Take the Blame

Today, God is teaching me one thing during my Quiet Time with Him and the following words just came into my head that I had to jot it down:

When things go well, it doesn't matter who takes the credit. God knows your efforts, sweat and tears.

When things go badly, it also doesn't matter if you take the blame. God knows your efforts, sweat and tears.

Have the meekness to let others have the credit, and have the courage to take the blame.

It puts a lot of perspective to my life.

To the world, it does not make sense... it is called the loser mentality. But to God, it makes a lot of sense. Christ came to take the blame on our behalf, even dying on the cross for us, that we may live.

Dear God, it is so hard for me to develop the attitude of Christ, to rise above all that and learn to be gracious. Thank you for not giving up on me. Help me to turn my mourning into joy.

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