Thursday 24 January 2013


J Summary (3Y10M19D) - Only Mommy Can Make Me Happy et al

While I was warming up dinner this evening, I overheard J saying to Daddy in Danish, "Det er kun mor, som kan gøre mig glad." meaning only mommy can make me happy.

Of course, it is not only mommy who can make J happy, but it made me very happy to hear it anyway.

Then I feel sorry for Daddy, but fortunately he is emotionally stronger than I am, and he can take it in his stride.

A few days ago, we received a letter from a private school reminding us that J is soon turning school age, and urging us to consider the school.

Although I have registered J in 3 private schools since he was still in my tummy, reality knocked when you received such a letter from a school itself, telling you that J is no longer a baby, but a child.

I looked hard at J. He doesn't look like a child. He still looks like a baby. He is still my baby. Sob sob... he is now a child... sob sob sob... time flies... that's the reality... sob sob...

In the morning rush to work and getting J ready, we can get annoyed with one another. At the dinner table this evening, J uttered some words of wisdom: "Daddy should not be angry with Mommy or me. Mommy, you should not be angry with Daddy or me. We should not be angry with one another. Mommy, you have been going to church, you should learn from Jesus."

Who taught him that!!! I haven't actively taught him to be like Jesus, or have I?

I cried out silently in my heart.... why am I sooooooo imperfect? J said everything correct. Why can't I learn! Why can't I learn to be like Jesus! I have failed again.... Oh Lord...

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