Monday 28 March 2016


Danfoss Universe Science Park

We decided to visit the Danfoss Universe Science Park during this Easter vacation.

We have been very fortunate with the weather, as it had been raining the day before and after we were at the park. As such, we spent most our vacation visiting restaurants, instead of being outdoor.

Daddy FECS brought for a treat at a very nice gourmet restaurant as the first stop the evening before:

Restaurant Bind

Rocking baby teeth... soon a visit from the Tooth Fairy


Meeting Pixeline when the park opens at 10am

Trying out the fighter jet

The Blue Cube

The Ice Element

The Water Element

Daddy trying the Segway for the first time

Energy House

The Robert Robot Show

The Drone bane

The helicopter simulator

The Science Show

The excavator machine

Energy Labs

The soap bubbles


Building cube

I completed the Maths puzzle

Pixeline Land

Making rocket workshop

Filling water into the rocket

Launching the rocket

J's rocket flew 30m, and he got this certificate


An inverted growing tree

Danfoss Mads Clausen Museum


At a traditional Danish restaurant, Den Gamle Kro, in the countryside at Gråsten

At the restaurant, Spisehuset, at Faaborg

Map of the Park

Overall, it is a decent park, but we won't be coming back. We will not be recommending to specially visiting this park. The Science show is rather ordinary, it seems to be the same Science experiments from the Science center Experimentarium in Copenhagen. There were also not much interaction, compared to the ones we saw before such at Magic Science during the Science fair in Copenhagen. It is a god park to visit, if you live near to it, but not worth the effort to drive all the way from Copenhagen, unless you are visiting south Jutland anyway. 

It is not as exciting as Disneyland, so everything is relative. We would save the money for visiting Disneyland or Legoland.


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