Friday 21 October 2016


Day 2: Baby's First Food - The Magnificient Millet/Hirse/小米 [xiǎo mǐ]

Baby C (5M5D) got millet as her second baby first food today 21 October 2016 at 11am. But she was too hungry, so I stopped and nursed her first. Then we tried again at 11.30am. This time, she was willing to eat. We were very excited to see her reaction, whether she would like it. But she didn't have much reaction. She was a little tired. She didn't finish all, but she took 7 teaspoonful, which was a good result. J took only one teaspoon, when I fed him solid in the beginning. After feeding her, I put her to nap.

You can click here to see how I prepared it.

Here is a picture of Baby C today :-)

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