Wednesday 16 September 2020


Slumber Party under the Dining Table

5 September 2020 (4Y3M19D and 11Y6M0D)

Daddy FECS just bought a brand new carpet to replace the worn-out carpet under the dining table. We have just cleaned the whole house. With a brand new carpet, a clean house, we decided there's no better time such as now than to have a slumber party underneath the dining table :-)

To protect the carpet, we covered it with a bedsheet. After making our "beds", we decided to make it like a tent with bedsheets covering over the top of the table, and camped underneath it.

But man, it was a lot of work for this mommy to do it all together. Baby FECS helped to drag down the comforters and the pillows from the bedrooms.

It was a very memorable evening as it was the first time Baby FECS, now 4 years old, joined us for our Family Fun Night. It's been a long time since we last had a Family Fun Night sleeping-in... due to work, covid work load, etc. Now that I have decided to quit my job, I have more surplus now to resume our Family Fun Night. Below are some pictures for our memories, sweet memories :-)


We read a Chinese book and a Bible story

Sweet dreams

Morning has broken... a picture from below the dining table.

This is how our "camp" looked in the morning :-), not very elegant or pretty, but super cozy :-)

Updates: 7 Nov 2020: Family Fun Night’s most frequent request - slumber party under the dining table

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