Thursday 8 April 2021


Philips Viva Pasta Maker


I got this Philips pasta maker since 2 October 2019 and love it since. Fresh pasta is done in 20 minutes ready to be cooked. We hardly consume store-bought pasta, since we got this machine. I make my own whole-wheat noodles with this machine.

Simply weigh:

- 200g flour with 75ml water or 

- 200g flour with 80ml 1 egg + water or

- 200g whole-wheat flour with 85ml water or 

- 200g whole-wheat flour with 90ml 1 egg + water

If using 400g flour, measurement as follows:

- 400g flour with 150ml water or 

- 400g flour with 160ml 2 eggs + water or 

- 400g whole-wheat flour with 170ml water or

- 400g whole-wheat flour use 180ml 2 eggs + water

Cleaning up is easy too - just wait until the dough dries up, knock them out and rinse.


Fresh pasta can be refrigerated for a few days. To keep pasta from sticking together, sprinkle with a little flour. For best results, partially cook pasta before storing - then finish cooking it when you need it. 

Fresh pasta can also be frozen.

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