Thursday 23 September 2021


Teens Christian Fellowship - J Gave His Heart to Christ


For many Danes, Christianity is a tradition rather than a living faith. Many churches in Denmark are more like museums, although the church buildings are intact and very well-maintained. The Danes' knowledge of God is impressive, but they are mainly "head knowledge" than "heart knowledge."

Most Danish teenagers go through the confirmation course with the pastors and get confirmed in the church ceremony at the age of 14 do so as part of the tradition (and for the expensive presents they get to receive) rather than from their heart confirming their faith to God. It's more like a coming-of-age party, usually very formal and expensive. Daddy FECS does not object to us going to church every Sunday, but he doesn't join us. For years, each week I bring J and C to church by myself. Sometimes I don't make it to church, coz' the loneliness of doing it all alone is at times too painful. But then I picked myself up again and soldier on...

God is so real in my life and God has been looking after me... Jesus who died for us on the cross... I want our children to know God personally, to experience His love.

For years, I worry over my children's faith. J admires his dad. For years, I worry that he will follow his dad and reject God and the Bible in his life. For years I have been praying that there will be a youth group like the one I went to in Singapore that J and subsequently C could go to and learn about God from their heart. God did not answer me. The search went on for years.

Slowly I found some Danish churches who really believe in God. This year I found out that Denmark actually have a teens Christian fellowship.

J was willing to go. On the first week, Daddy FECS went with him. On the second week, I drove him there. On the way home, he said when they asked who wanted to accept Jesus into their life, i.e. becoming a Christian, he raised his hand. One of them prayed with him and he prayed Amen himself. He said he felt touched and he felt the warmth of God. He said he felt the sincerity of the young adults in the room. He made this decision himself, even though his dad is not a born-again Christian (he is a Christian by tradition). And he made this decision himself. It was not me who asked him to.

The whole heaven rejoices. All the angels rejoice when a sinner is saved. God rejoices. Last Friday 24 September 2021 was a very special day in my life. The day our son made the decision to give his heart to Christ. It's the happiest day in my life.

When you know God is real and God really cares and loves you, you want your loved ones to know God. One day God will touch the heart of Daddy FECS and Daddy FECS will personally know God too. My heart is filled with joy and gratitude. God and His amazing grace fall out in our lives, though how underserving we are. He saved our son. I am so so touched. Words in this post can't express the thankfulness and joy I am experiencing. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus for remembering J.

24 September 2021 is one of the best gifts in my life. I am still waiting for the day C and Daddy FECS accept Christ into their hearts. God is faithful.

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