Friday 23 February 2024


Homemade Wholewheat Chinese Egg Noodles

Serves 4 - 6


1. 280g Semolina flour
2. 120g Graham flour
3. 3 eggs + water to 180ml

4. 2 tsp salt (when cooking)
5. 2L water for boiling the noodles


1. Add the Semolina flour and the Graham flour into the Phillips Pasta Maker using the Angel Hair mold.
2. Beat 3 egg and water together to 180ml.
3. Gradually add in the egg-water mixture into the machine.
4. Let the machine knead the mixture for 3 minutes (this means one round in the Philips Pasta Maker) and extrude immediately without resting the dough.
5. Boil a big pot of water and add 1 teaspoon of salt for every 1 litre of water.
6. Add noodles and cook for 15 seconds (do not overcook).
7. Rinse under cold water to avoid over-cooking after dishing out and drain (optional).
8. Ready to be eaten or used in other dishes :-)

Additional Information:

This wholewheat ramen noodles contains 30% wholewheat. It only uses 4 ingredients in the making, but it tastes superb, smooth and a lovely texture. It tastes just like Chinese ramen noodles, even though I didn't put any "kansui" - sodium bicarbonate water.

We use this to make ramen dish or simply eat it with some soy sauce and sesame oil :-)

To make it more nutritious, you can substitute the water with fresh milk.

Add one tablespoon oil into the pasta maker. This oils the machine and keeps the dough from sticking to the hook in the machine)

I let it rest for 30 minutes in between extruding the noodles from the machine.

I sometimes substitute the water with fresh milk to provide more nutrients.


Use Durum Semolina flour.

The Durum Semolina flour is available from Føtex Supermarket. It is not available in Meny or Netto.

Graham Flour from Føtex Supermarket

Philips Vivi Pasta machine mounted with bronze PVD Angel Hair mold from Pastidea.

The pasta maker extruding the noodles.

If need be, lightly sprinkle some flour over the noodles to avoid sticking.

Fresh wholewheat ramen noodles is done :-)

Bring to boil a pot of water and cook noodles for only 1 minute.

Rinse under cold water to avoid over-cooking after dishing out.

Drain and it is ready to be eaten with sauces or used in other dishes :-)

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