Saturday 11 September 2010


Banana Vanilla Ice-cream Pancake

23.5.2010 - This is the Banana Vanilla Ice-cream Pancake ice-cream I made for my Significant Other today :-)

If you make it without the ice-cream, it actually makes a very healthy and wholesome breakfast :-)

I spread it with hazelnut butter and sliced banana. Then I sprinkled chopped walnuts and topped it with the vanilla ice-cream that I made 2 days ago. Then my Significant Other sprinkled it with cinnamon powder. Everything is homemade except the hazelnut butter spread and cinnamon powder.

You can also sprinkle carob powder on it, if you want a more chocolatie camarel taste. My Significant Other  doesn't like chocolates, and he loves cinnamon. So he sprinkled some cinnamon powder on it.

Did I make any pancake for myself? Yes, but mine is without the ice-cream (healthier), but sprinkled with carob powder.

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