Sunday 12 September 2010


A lesson on love and respect

I am currently on mission with my colleagues in Belarus, and we went out for dinner together. One of my colleagues brought along his wife. We noticed how sweet they were to each other, so one of us asked them what the secret to their marriage is, after being married together for 20 years.

She told us that they are both currently reading this book, and it talks about love and respect. It is important for the husband to love the wife, and the wife to respect the husband. If the husband does not show love to his wife, it would be difficult for the wife to respect the husband.

If the wife does not respect the husband, it would be difficult for the husband to show love to the wife. Thus, it can become a vicious cycle. It is like the chicken and egg, which comes first. One party has to break his/her pride to start to love and respect the other party first, so as to break the vicious cycle. It takes humility to do so. I pondered over what she shared... and thought to myself how true it is. I pondered to myself, and learned another lesson: after 20 years of marriage, they are still working hard to nuture their marriage by reading books. It shows their humility and that they are not taking their marriage for granted. This is very precious lesson too. May God break down any pride in our own marriages that could prevent the love and respect to flow from us.

Incidentally, they are both Christians. I pondered once again to myself. Over a casual conversation during dinner, my colleague's wife has just gently shared God's goodness to their lives to my colleagues. Wherever I go, God seems to have lesson for me to learn.

On the way back to the hotel, they were holding hands... ahhh how sweet, one of my colleague and I who walked behind them noticed.

One of the things about going on business trips is that it brings colleagues closer together. I must say that I am so blessed to have wonderful colleagues. If one day I would to leave working for this 'chocolate factory', the memory of this evening with my colleagues I will come to recall with fondness for years to come. Incidentally, when I was offered this job 5 years ago, I prayed for a good working environment and wonderful colleagues, and it does seem that God has remembered it.

On another note, I have to admit that it is not easy for a working mom to go on a business travel. My Significant Other told me that J cried a lot this evening during bedtime. He believed that J is missing his mom reading bedtime stories to him. It is hard for a 1.5 year old to understand why mommy is away for so long... so this really breaks my heart. I can't wait to hurry back home soon and say goodbye to Belarus!

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  1. God never forgets :)
    Nice to see that you managed to go to Belarus! U have more stories to tell Joshua now... :)


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