Friday 24 June 2011


Alphabet Box

Inspired by Counting Coconuts

How to make it?

1. Buy a tool box meant for nuts and bolts from the hardware store with 30 small drawers.

2. Label the drawers with the letter A-Z, one for each drawer.

3. Fill each drawer with things found in the household objects or miniature toys that start with the corresponding letter.

How to use it?

1. To teach name of object with the associate letter - Take out the objects in each drawer and teach the name of the object one by one, emphasizing the sound of the beginning letter. Summarize it to your child and say, "all these items start with the letter a, and a says "aaaah".

2. Letting your child sort objects with sounds - Randomly take out some items from the drawers and place them on the table, and ask your child to sort them into the correct drawer.

3. Ask your child to pick an item from the drawer that begin with the "b" sound, for example.

4. Call out the item and ask your child to pick the item from the correct drawer.

1. I could also use it to store my Letter Tokens or letter magnets.

Suggested items for each letter drawer:
A - almond, apple, ant, apron
B - bean, bead, button, balloon, bell, small bottle
C - Cotton wool, comb, coin, pocket calculator, cinamon stick, candle
D - dog, dinosaur, duck, diaper
E - eraser, toy egg, elephant
F - fork, feather, fish, frog
G - Goji berry, old pair of unwanted glasses, Lego girl figure, giraffe fingerine
H - hairclip, highlighter, hazelnut, hourglass, hen
I - ice-cream, igloo, ink, iron
J - jug, jam, jacket,
K - key, toy food knife, kangaroo
L - light for bicycle, lock, leave, small toy ladle, toy lizard
M - marble, magnet, pocket mirror
N - nail, nail-clipper, net,
O - onion, octopus, orange, olive, owl
P - paper, paperclip, pen, pencil, pecan
Q - queen, quilt, quinoa, quiche, question mark
R - ruler, ring, rubberband, ribbon
S - spoon, mini scissors, safety-pin, sharpener, sweet
T - toothpick, wooden train, tiger figurine, thread,
U - USB stick, unmbrella that decorate cocktail glass,
V - velvet, van, violin, velcro
W - an old unwanted watch, Lego window, watermelon, wok, wolf, wool
X - xylophone
Y - yogurt, toy egg yolk, yacht, yak,
Z - zip, zebra, zucchini

Tool box with drawers from Silvan 249,95 DKK (59 SGD) -  which is rather pricey, because this is Denmark!!! I believe this is available much cheaper elsewhere.

Additional Information:
J (2 Y11M30D) tried for the first time on 4 March 2012. He enjoyed it a lot. We covered letters b, d, f, h, p and t. He was looking forward to try it again.

I had quite some challenge collecting small objects that are freely found, but the above-mentioned what some of the things I could think of.

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