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Danish Twist-Bread-On-A-Stick/Snobrød/丹麦捻面包

Makes 6 twist bread


Easy and fast snobrød dough
° 500g flour
° 300ml water
° 25g yeast or 2 tsp baking powder
° 1 tsp salt

Luxury wholewheat snobrød dough

° 500g white wholewheat flour or
300g flour and 200g grahams flour or
300g flour, 150g grahams flour 50g oats (1dl)
° 250ml fresh low-fat milk, buttermilk or water (1 cup)
° 1 egg
° 25g yeast or 2 tsp baking powder
° 1 tsp salt
° 2 TBS olive oil
° 2 TBS honey
° 150g of grated carrots, squash or apples (optional)



1. Warm milk/water in microwave.

2. Stir and dissolve the yeast in water/milk in a mixing bowl and add honey and salt.

3. Add in flour and mix well.

4. Knead into dough - when the dough is elastic, but firm and soft and doesn't stick to your hands, it is done.

5. Cover and let the dough rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour until the dough is double in size. If you use baking powder instead of yeast, you can skip this step of waiting.

Grilling on bon fire or BBQ grill:

1. Roll it into a long and narrow “string” and twist it around the tip of a stick.

2. Twist the dough around the tip of the stick over the bonfire at a distance of approx. 30cm depending on the glowing warm for approx. 15 - 20 minutes. There must be sufficient distance so that the surface of the bread does not burn while the dough is baked inside.

3. Turn the bread around frequently and watch that it does not burn.

4. When done, remove the bread from the stick. If the bread sounds hollow, it is done. It should slip away from the stick easily. If there is still raw dough, it should be baked more.


1. You can add grated cheese on the inside when it is done for a more luxurious snobrød.

2. You can add 1 teaspoon of herbs such as dried basil, rosemary, thyme, etc. into your dough.

3. You can a piece of ham on the stick and roll your dough around it, before baking it over the bonfire.

4. You can spread some jam on the inside when it is done.

5. You can also add chocolate powder into the dough for a chocolatey snobrød.

Additional Information:

Before I came to Denmark, I didn't know that bread can be grilled or "baked" over bonfire. This is a very cozy Danish tradition that was introduced to me by Daddy FECS and his family. Once a year, we have the privilege of visiting Mols, an area in Jutland, where Daddy FECS's father came from. We would have the opportunity to make snobrød at the summer house in Mols, which is located in the forest near a lake. This is a Danish tradition that I am definitely going to pass down to J!

It is much healthier to grill bread, than to grill sausages and mash-mellows, although you would still want to have the variety. The smell of snobrød is very inviting and it tastes heavenly. It is a totally different experience from eating bread made from the oven. Try it!

Daddy FECS and I, however, live in the city. It is allowed to make bonfire in some of the beaches in Denmark, although it takes planning to get there. Thus, we do not have much opportunity to make bonfire. However, we can still make snobrød on a one-time grill. In this way, when we have the impulse to make snobrød, we would be able to easily go ahead with it.

If you are like us, living in a big city like Singapore, you can still do this using one-time grill in the evening when the sun sets, and the temperature is much cooler.

I sometimes blend the milk with 5 dates using a blender instead of adding sugar. Also I add 1 tablespoon of wheat germ, 1 tablespoon of wheat bran, 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds and 1 teaspoon brewer's yeast to the dough to increase the nutritional value of the dough.

If you wish to make slow-rising snobrød and have the dough sit overnight in the fridge, you can reduce the amount of yeast to 10g, instead of 25g.

You can add sunflower seeds, flax seeds or chopped nuts into the dough as desired into the dough as well.

You can use plain water to make this dough, but to increase the nutritional content, I use milk, buttermilk or yogurt. Sometimes I also add an egg into the dough. If so, I reduce the liquid content from 300ml to 250ml.


White wholewheat flour

Add 1/2 pack (25 g) yeast into a mixing bowl.

Add 350 ml warm milk and mix well.

Add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix well.

Add 500 g of white wholewheat flour.

Knead by hand or by mixer.

The dough is done when it is elastic, firm and soft, but doesn't stick to your hands.

Cover and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour.

Now the dough is ready to be used for making snobrød:-)

Updates 25 April 2020 (11Y1M20D & 3Y11M9D) Nørreskoven bed Furesøen:

 Setting up the bonfire at a fireplace at Nørreskoven forest

Preparing and carving the sticks 

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