Thursday 16 February 2012


Activities for 4 Years Old

I am trying to compile a list of activities for 4 years old:

- Letter Portraits

Draw a large letter on a piece of paper, then give your child colored pencils or crayons and have her turn the letter into a portrait of something else. A lower-case "m" might become a camel, for example, or an upper-case "B" could change into a butterfly. For extra credit, tell older kids they can draw only objects that start with the letter on the paper

- Alphabet Scramble

Print each of the 26 letters of the alphabet on a separate sticky note and help your child stick the notes on a wall in order. Have her close her eyes, then switch the letters around. When she opens her eyes again, see if she can put the letters back in the right order. (If she needs a hint, try singing a round of the ABC song.) When she's ready for a new challenge, encourage her to place each sticky note on an object whose name starts with the letter, such as "c" on a cabinet or "d" on a doorknob.

- Sound Search

Clue your child into phonetics with this educational twist on hide-and-seek. To play, gather up a handful of objects that start with the same letter, such as a banana, boat, boot, and ball. Talk with your little one about the sound that the objects start with (in this case, "buh"), then have her close her eyes while you "hide" them around the room. Now make the sound of the letter ("buh buh buh") and challenge your child to find everything in the room that starts with that sound.

- Do-the-Math Hopscotch

- Preschool Potions

- Making my book

- Hands-on Maths

- Blocks - can also help youngsters learn about depth, width, height, and length
- Spying ABCs
- Write own name
- Dictating stories to adults
- Visiting Science center
- Develop their growing interest in academic things, such as science and mathematics, and activities that involve exploring and investigating.
- Weight, height, length
- Time, week, months, days of weeks
- Introduce games like dominoes or rolling dice. Have your child roll the dice and count the dots.
- Colouring
- Cutting with scissors well
- Stringing small beads
- Button own shirt
- Zip own shirt
- Dress and undress self
- Cooking together
- Baking together
- Skipping rope
- Dance class
- Swimming
- Roller-skating
- Kick soocer ball
- Throw baseball
- Gymnastics
- Martial arts
- Soccer
- Horseback riding


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