Saturday 4 February 2012


J Summary (2Y10M30D) - Developing the Concept of Money

One month shy of turning 3 years old, J loves to play with the toy telephone. This morning, he said that he wanted to ride the bicycle. I asked him where he was going to ride it to. He said to Amy's home. I asked him where he would be going after that. He said that he is bringing Amy yo the restaurant to eat hamburger. They would cycle there together. Smiling, I asked who would be paying. And he said him. Oh what a gentleman! I asked him where would he find the money, and he said he had money - ya right, from the Chinese new year angbaos!

This afternoon, J said that he would like to go to get some bread from the bakery. WE told him that Daddy would go to the bakery with him later. J then said that he would like to pay for the bread himself. Straight he went to the piggy-bank. Daddy told him that it would cost 18 kr. for half a loaf of bread. I said that he could contribute 5 kr. from his piggybank. He then changed his mind and said that he would only pay 1 kr. So off they went to the bakery, Daddy, J and his 1 kr. Daddy wasn't too thrilled that J was only going to pay 1 kr. after J had offered to pay for the bread.

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