Friday 4 May 2012


J Summary (3Y1M29D) - Visit to Odense to See Thomas-the-Train

J is now three years old, and could understand what Thomas-the-Train is. Today, we travelled 170km or approx. 2 hours to Jernbane Museet ( in Odense to see the Thomas-The-Train, because we know that J would love it.

My friend and her husband, did the same, bringing their children there. We brought along our friend and her daughter with us. Her dad wasn't there, and I could see that he was clearly missed. He reminded me of my dad. I remembered how as a child I also missed my dad, when I saw other children having their dad around on excursions.

Another friend, whose wife could be in labour anytime soon, travelled this distance also to bring his son there, because his son loves Thomas-the-Train.

Over there, we met another friend, who also travelled the same distance to bring her children there.

I marvelled at how we parents would inconvenience ourselves to travel such long distance and spend  so much time on the journey, in order to bring our children to a fun place, because we know they would enjoy it. Such is the love parents have for their own children.

I remember my own dad and wished that he would have had the chance to do the same with us. He could not afford it, nor did he have the time. Apart from Chinese New Year, I had little recollection of him bringing us out for excursions. This was why Chinese New Year was so special and precious to me as a child, because that would be the only time in a year we got to go out as a family with my dad along. How I cherish those memories.

It also makes me more determined to spend time with J. I am glad that Daddy has the same wishes.

I also realize that it is a privilege that Daddy and I could go on regular excusions with J. It does come with a price - the sacrifice of career indirectly. The time you spend on your family also means the time you could not spend elsewhere, which means the time you could not spend on professional development, that would benefit your work and career and get ahead of competition. Today is a Danish holiday, but not for my workplace. The kindergarten is closed today. I took leave from work today instead, so that I can be off with the family. I could have hired a baby-sitter and go to work. I chose not to hire a baby-sitter, but took leave instead. It is a luxury that not many could afford. It is a choice that one makes. I am reminded that until the present day Daddy and I have been very blessed to be able to make such a choice and have the peace of mind to stick with it. We cannot guarantee what the future hold, whether we can still make such a choice, but as long as we can, we are grateful and we are grateful to God for today.

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