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Nursery Lesson Plan: The Bible Is Right and True - 20th May 2012

Lesson Plan
FIBC Nursery (0-4 years old)
Date: 20th May 2012, Time: 1 – 2.15pm
Concept Area: Bible – The Bible Helps Me Know the Right Things to Do
Bible Verses: 2 Timothy 3:16, Psalm 33:4 “…For the word of the LORD is right and true.”
Teachers: Elaine, Chen Ying and Stephen
12.45 – 1pm: Preparation Time

·         Teachers to arrive 10 minutes earlier to prepare and set up the room.
·         Bring a jug of water.
·         Mark Attendance.
·         Fill in Food Allergy Alert Chart for new children.

1-1.30pm: Early Arrival Activity Time

Activity Station 1: Reading Bible Story Foam Books (for children younger than 2 years old)

Activity Station 2: Making Bible Figurines on Popsicle Sticks (for children from 2 - 4 years old)

1.30 – 1.40pm: Bible Lesson & Story Time

Gather the children to sit around in a circle.

Bible Lesson

Do you know what this is? (Hold up a Bible)
This is the Bible.
The Bible is the Word of God. (Point to your lips)
Do you like to listen to bedtime story? Just like you like to listen to story, God has told His story in His word.
The Bible tells the story of God’s love for His people, about Jesus dying on the cross to forgive our bad behaviour and give us new lives.
The Bible tells us who God is.
We see God’s goodness and His character revealed in the Bible.
How do we get to know God?
We get to know God by reading the Bible and by praying.
God teaches us what is true through the Bible.
The Bible helps us know the right things to do.

Bible Verses: Psalm 33:4 “…For the word of the LORD is right and true.”

What does God says about His Word?
When we memorize God’s word, it will help us to do the right things.
Can you say after me, Psalms 33:4 “…For the word of the LORD is right and true.”

Bible Story: Daniel and the Lion

Today, we are going to read a story from the Bible from the book of Daniel chapter 6 with the Bible figurines that you have made just now:

Daniel loved God more than he loved anyone. Give yourself a big hug.

The king wanted Daniel to stop loving God. The king put Daniel in a cave with the lions so they would eat him. Can you roar like a lion? (Make hand sign for lion and make roaring sound)

God took care of Daniel. The lions didn’t hurt him. They played like they were big kitty cats. Say meow like a kitty.

You probably won’t meet any lions today, but whatever you do, God will take care of you. Show how God loves you. Give yourself a big hug.

Pray: Thank you, God, for taking care of me. Amen.

1.40 – 1.50pm: Singing

Use musical instruments, hand motions and songs as follows:

·         The B-I-B-L-E
·         Read Your Bible
·         Read, Read, Read Your Bible (To the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)
·         The Bible is God’s Word (To the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”)
·         Jesus Loves Me

1.50 – 2pm: Snack Time

·         Ask the children to queue up.
·         Ask the older children to give out the cups, plates and rice snack.
·         Sing the “Say Grace Song
·         Ask each child to recite: “The Bible is right and true.” Psalm 33:4
·         As the children to help to clean up before moving to game time.

2 – 2.10pm: Game Time (if there is time)

Contingency Game: Run-&-Freeze

A great exercise for movement and body part identification in this version of FREEZE. Say, “RUN” and ask the children run freely until you say, “FREEZE”. After they are frozen, call out only one body part for them to unfreeze and move. For example, say, “Wave your right hand.” or “Kick your left leg.” The children will of course move other parts while doing the activities called out, but for the most part the rest of his body will be still. Start the fun over each time by saying “RUN” and then “FREEZE”.

2.10 – 2.20pm: Clean up Time

·         Clean up together and sing the song “Time to Clean Up

2.15pm: Parents pick up kids

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