Monday 17 September 2012


J Summary (3Y6M12D) - Story-Telling

At 3.5 years old, J is growing less attached to Stuart, his training teddy-bear. If Stuart is not there, he could go to sleep without requesting for it. I am glad that he is growing less attached to his teddy-bear, as this also shows that he is growing into a boy now. Oh, how fast he is growing up...

J's Danish has improved tremendously. He narrated to us the whole story, which he heard for the first time at the Danish kindergarten, "The Goldilocks and the Three Bears" in much details. This was the first time, we asked him to tell us a story, and he had amazed us. I should ask him to tell me the stories he heard at the kindergarten from now on.

I have also been very busy brushing up my Science skills. J started asking what does catapillar eats, grasshopper eats, insects eat, earthworms eat, spiders eat. He also wants to know what eat spiders. I realize that I don't know my Science quite so well, apart from generally what these animals eat. But I guess, I don't have to know so specific all the scientific detailed food chain right? I have never been so hard-working in studying until after I have become a mom...

I have been very busy lately reading up and studying Montessori Elementary and Primary programme for Maths. It has taken a lot of my free time, but I also enjoy it thoroughly. What a joy it is to be able to do that, though I have to be careful not to go overboard.

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