Monday 24 September 2012


School Time/Skoletid/上课时间 - Letter f

Duration: 6.15 - 8pm (1 hour 45 mins)

Montessori Time:

I plan to introduce 3 letters a week every alternating day. Today, we traced the sandpaper letter f and went through the f sound strip from Brilliant Minds Montessori:

We did the pre-handwriting activity of drawing lines with thick markers:
To introduce some variation and to reinforce the letter f, we traced letter f with from 1+1+1=1 with playdough instead. Tracing it with the playdough seems to be a big hit and more effective than stamping and sticking stickers as Joshua paid more attention and tried hard to place the playdough and form it into the shape of f to place it within the line. I have made a mental note of it and will try to use playdough for "tracing" letters:

Joshua requested to play more with playdough. So I gave him 10 more minutes on the timer. When the bell rang, I asked him to clean up. It was a good day today - he helped to put all the molds back into the container and made these figurines (but I helped him with the last one):
Blanket Time:

We read a Bible Story for children with the letter f from The Baby Bible ABCs board book (as well as letter e story although it was not part of today's plan, but Joshua requested for it):

We read a Chinese book about classroom, and we compared it to the classroom of Joshua's Chinese class on Saturday to make it relevant for him:
Desk Time:

We did sound-to-letter matching letter cmf worksheet where Joshua identifed for example the picture of the cat by name of the letter, etc. He didn't quite understand the concept of this worksheet, but after a few examples, he got the hang of it and began to realise that all these things start with the letter. I think such worksheets help reinforce the sandpaper letter learning and it is of a great help - one of the strengths of Brilliant Minds Montessori's concept:
We did a sheet of the Chinese workbook:
Quiet Time:

We read the letter f verse from The ABC Bible Verse Book:

Additional Information:

So far so good. Today has been good. Joshua (3Y6M19D) seems to be slowly getting into the habit of following curriculum. I hope this will continue into a good habit for both him and me. We followed the curriculum is from Brilliant Minds Montessori:


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