Friday 19 October 2012


Learning About Shapes with Shape Dominoes

Shape Domino from Hubbard's Cupboard
Age: From 3.5 years old (After the child has been introduced to shapes)
Activity Duration: 15 minutes
1. To provide a fun way to reinforce the learning of shapes
1. Free Shape Domino printables from Hubbard's Cupboard
1. Put down one domino card in the centre of the table or floor mat.
2. Divide the remaining cards equally among the players. (Any number of players you wish. In this case, we divided the cards amongst the two of us.)
3. Take turn to lay down a domino card next to the starting domino on either side of the first domino card, as long as the shapes on adjacent domino card match each other.
4. If you run out of cards that could match the shape at either end of the domino cards, you forego your turn.
5. The first player who finishes al his cards win.
While playing this game, repeat the name of the shapes and encourage your child to do the same.
Additional Information:
What I like about the shape dominoes offered by Hubbard's Cupboard is its simplicity. The lack of colour is a plus for older toddlers or preschoolers, as it helps the child to focus on matching the shapes, not colour. It provides a fun way to match the shapes.
I tried this for the first time with Joshua (3Y7M14D) today and we had a good time. He told me that he has played this game before in his kindergarten as well, but it was car dominoes.

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