Saturday 20 October 2012


Montessori Activity: Knobbed Cylinder Blocks

Age: 2 – 2.5 years old

Activity Duration: 5 - 15 minutes

1. To help develop the child’s visual discrimination of size.
2. To prepare the child for writing through the handling of the cylinders by their knobs.
3. To prepare the child for mathematics.

4 blocks of 10 cylinders each consisting of:
- cylinders which increase in diameter and height (Block 1)
- cylinders which increase in diameter, but height remains unchanged (Block 2)
- cylinders which increase in diameter, but decrease in height (Block 3)
- cylinders which increase in height, but diameter remains unchanged (Block 4)

1. Name the Cylinder Blocks and show where they are kept. 
2. Take out the cylinders with three fingers pincer grip and place them randomly in front of the child.
4. Touch and inspect the wells and replace the cylinders one-by-one back into the respective sockets.
5. Give the 3 Period Lessons on the relative sizes of the cylinders using positives, comparatives and superlatives: Thick and thin for Block 1, Large and Small for Block 2, Tall and Short for Block 4.
6. Encourage the child to try.

Video Demonstration:

1. Remove all the cylinders out from the block, arrange them by their sizes without its block, then put them back to the sockets.
2. The child works with two, then three, then four blocks simultaneously.
3. The child arranges the cylinders in order with eyes blind-folded.

Talk about large, small, thick, thin, tall, short as you handle the materials.

Control of Error:
The cylinder does not fit well in the socket.

Additional Information:
A little late with this, Joshua tried Block 3 for the first time on 28.9.212 (3Y6M23D). It was too easy for him. He tried all 4 blocks together on 15.10.2012. It was a little challenging, but he could get all right.


You can find cylinder blocks from amazon:


Updates on 26 Nov 2013 (4Y8MM21D)

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