Friday 31 May 2013


Lessons I Learned from My Grandmothers

This picture of granny and me was taken on a ferry trip to Kushu Island.

Whenever I see Milo in the Singapore Supermarket or drink Milo, I will think of my grannny. I stayed with her during the school holidays when I was a child. Once I was hungry at night. She got up and made me a cup of Milo. A very simple gesture, but I remembered it so well, the whole scene.

When I think of making memories with my child and my grandchild, I think I have learned something from both my grannies. Taking care of the child is what a child will remember, and what really created bonding. Don't delegate diaper changing, feeding, etc. to others such as maids. Do it myself. Don't just play with children and do the fun things. It is meeting the physical needs that bonding takes place.

God in His wisdom created babies totally helpless with every need. I think it is because in meeting a baby and a child's physical needs, real bonding and gratitude takes place.

My grannies took care of me. That bonded me to them. This is something I want to bear in mind, if I one day I become a grandmother.

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