Sunday 19 May 2013



Oh how I wish J is still a baby,
who is just sweet and will not talk back to you.

But I have forgotten of course,
 how I looked forward to the day he could talk,
so that I could understand him and have meaningful interaction.

Oh how I wish J is still a 1 year pre-toddler,
who is just so eager and determined to learn to walk,
despite falling down again and again and gain.

But I have forgotten of course,
how I looked forward to the day J could walk,
so that I didn't have to worry about him falling and hurting his head.

 Oh how I wish J is still a 2 years old toddler,
who is just happy with any selection I have made for him.

But I have forgotten of course,
how I looked forward to the day,
when I could hear his opinion.

Oh how I wish J is still a 3 years old preschooler,
who is just happy with the things I do for him.

But I have forgotten of course,
how I looked forward to the day,
when he could do more things himself.

Now at 4 years old,
J has his own will,
own opinion,
not as self-motivated to learn,
wants to do things his way,
and wants things right away!
demanding an explanation for every request...

It is so difficult to stand firm,
and be consistent,
and give explanations,
and to do all these without any yelling...

There are days when I want to tear my hair out and just give up,
with no more energy left...
but only confusion of whether I am doing anything right.

Where do I turn to for role model?
Who can show me the rope?
Who has traveled along this path before me?

In the moment of my cries and discouragements,
God led me to discover this blog:

Who has been so generously sharing her experience,
how she is raising her children to be:

Children of character,
and a shining light to the world

It gives me much food for thought,
and inspires me on in my journey of parenting.


  1. Hi! Funnily, I wrote a similar post about my 6 year old. How when he was younger, I would coo at his every action but today I nag at his every little ways :(. I wonder & suspect it is because they are growing up. :(

    Anyway, I love Elise too & her parenting! She inspires me. :) oh how do I contact you?

  2. This is a great post, I can relate 100%.
    Just stumbled upon your blog and have been catching up on previous posts. You have a amazing little family. May God continue to Bless!!!
    I just created a blog myself, I have always been a working mother and will soon be a stay at home mom of my two kiddos, I have been getting lots of ideas from your blog Thank you!


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