Sunday 16 June 2013


Montessori Activity: Cleaning Scooter

Age: From 4 years old

Activity Duration: 15 minutes


1. To teach the child to care for things.


1. 1 pail half-filled with water
2. Toys to be washed e.g. scooter or bicycle
3. 1 brush
4. Hand soap


1. Squeeze a bit of hand soap into the basin and fill it with water to create bubbles.

2. Get the toy ready for washing

3. Demonstrate to the child how to wash the toys. Tell him that now we will learn to wash the toys together.

4. Invite the child to try.

Additional Information:

It has been quite a long time ago, since I posted a Montessori Practical Life activity. It was 2 years ago, since we started the one of the first Montessori activity for washing toys. At that time, I set up the activity for J. It was J's idea to wash his scooter. Today, he told me that he would like to wash his scooter. I said ok. And so he picked up the pail, went to the bathroom, filled the water and added the soap all by himself. He took it to the balcony where his scooter was, and started washing it. All this while, I did not look over his shoulders, and let him have the freedom to manage it. I just kept it in view. And J did a really good job. JN joined in washing the scooter together. The scooter was squeaking clean after it. It is no longer just playing, but real washing and mommy's real help. It was heart-warming to see that JN could guide him along and to see JN taking responsibility as a caring brother. It was great team work. Thank God for such a simple joy of seeing them working and playing together.

I decided to take arranging the equipment into the Montessori tray and made it into a cleaning post. In this activity, I am truly following the child.

I am not always good in giving positive affirmation and I am learning. I have forgotten to give J and JN the feedback after they completed the task and to tell them that I really appreciate their cleaning the toys. I should remember to do so tomorrow.

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