Thursday 13 November 2014


Learning Measuring, Fractions, Porportions with Lego Bricks

Structured freeplay - Exercising creativity, while getting a sense of measurement, proportion and fractions.

Structured freeplay is a oxymoron - how can it be structured and yet free? It simply means that some thoughts are being put into what materials and what initial inspiration is provided in the materials used in encouraging free play and the creativity that is generated through free play.

Here the child is led to be inspired with lego bricks and wooden train set, but the child uses his own creativity to build his own formation that requiring measuring and a sense of proportion and fraction.

Stuctured freeplay thus is a method melting Eastern sense of structure with Western sense of freeplay

Playing with lego alone or with wooden train set is not as fun as when they are combined together. Try it :-) 

One of life's greatest joy... Lego Duplo for the 2-5 years old... and ah hem... for the over XX years' old too!!!

Sometimes Structured Freeplay (SF) doesn't go as you plan, and could go a little off-track... i.e. here Daddy is having soooo much fun that, rather than inspiring and facilitating, Joshie is relegated to fetching the bricks for Daddy to build the train track.... who is having fun? Father or son?

Aaaahhh... it's nice to get our limited floor space back again!!!

Daddy and Joshie played and Mommy did the clean up!!!

While... it was too late for Joshie, way way past his bed time... but he won't get away so easily next time...

Well, truth be told, I actually love cleaning up... It is very relaxing... it is like cleaning my mind of clutter, while I clear away the physical clutter.

If play is the boys' idea of fun... clean up is my idea of fun

How blessed Joshie is to have a mom that likes cleaning up after play time, right :-)

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