Thursday 13 November 2014


Toy: Geomag

Here is another magnetic toy that encourages creativity that J loves to play at his kindergarten. He requested for Christmas. At the moment, he uses it to construct spin-tops.

Here is a video from our Little FECS playing with geomag:

It is available from Amazon:

27 Dec 2014 - Playing with his Geomag Christmas present

Updates 12 Jan 2015 (5Y10M7D):

J often complains that I don't play enough with him, that I only do Chinese, Maths and piano with him. This evening, after preparing the ingredients for dinner, I had some time, so we played Gromag together. J could build the shape all by himself, and even gave ideas of how to stable it with the pentagon, rather than the pentagon base that came with it, that didn't work so well. However, he had difficulty putting the panels into place. Daddy isn't very good at putting the panels too. Without the panels, the structure is too weak and easily collapses. They were giving up, and J said that it was impossible to build a sphere, until I tried it and made it work. It was actually very easy. One has to wait to hear the click to ensure the panel is in place.

12 Jan 2015 (5Y10M7D) - Building a sphere structure with mommy

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