Wednesday 24 May 2017


J Summary (8Y2M19D): Sewing

One thing I dread doing is sewing. Whenever our son asked me to sew something for him, I will stress over it. It is because no matter how I try, my workmanship is just so rough and not up to standard, and I couldn't avoid pricking myself. With almost all other things, I could improve and get better, but with sewing, I seem so hopelessly bad at it. But I will still do it, because he equates Mommy's love with it, and because I love our son, and hope that he doesn't mind the poor workmanship. Mommy has tried her level best. The left scout label was just sewn by me. It took me quite some time - sewn, undo, sew, undo and sewn again. After a few re-tries and some sore fingers, this is as best as it looks. Don't ask me how long it took me. I look forward to the day that he can sew on labels on his own... most likely he will do it better than me. He came home and was elated to see that this label was sewn on his scout uniform. At 8 years old, he didn't notice the bad workmanship, whew :-) It is so nice to do your best for someone and to be totally appreciated for it :-)

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