Sunday 21 May 2017


Montessori Activity: Inserting Ice-Cream Sticks

Age: From 1 year old

Objective: To train fine motor skills in a fun way

1. Piggybank with opening at the top
2. 5-10 ice-cream sticks
3. 1 tray (optional)

1. Demonstrate to your child how to do it.
2. Invite your child to try

Additional Information:
Don't be discouraged if your child is not interested or could not do it. Each child develops differently. Our Little FECS only did this activity at 2 years old, while our Baby FECS is doing it at 1 year old.

Video Demonstration:

Here is a video demonstration by our Baby FECS

21 May 2017 (1Y6D)

8 July 2017 (1Y1M22D)

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