Monday 9 September 2019


J Summary (10Y6M4D): Elected As A Scout Leader for His Group

J became a Junior group this season starting August as he is now in 4th grade (equivalent to primary 4 in Singapore and he is 10 years old). J has also been elected by the adult scouts to be the leader of his group today. some of the kids in his group is a year older than him. This means that he will be leading older boys. He came back telling Daddy FECS, while I was putting Baby FECS to sleep. Time flies really fast. He is already a pre-teen.

He is playing better and better at his piano, in a more mature and beautiful manner compared to when he is young, his teacher said.

He has been selected to be the two of the first to make presentation in his class on Thursday as a showcase to the 3rd grade class.

He was also selected to be the first to present in his class to present a game (physical, not computer) he invented/made up.

He is very active in handball and loves the team sports.

He is very kind and unassuming.

He is a wonderful boy, and we are very blessed.

The only thing is that he is not progressing with his Chinese. He is willing to go for Chinese class, but still lacks a bit on the motivation side. I have to find ways to help him to like Chinese.

His English has improved a lot however, and he likes to read English books and watch English videos.

Running off for his scouts activities... J is cycling to scouts on his own and back now... he is really growing up... I still can't imagine that he was still a baby not long ago... ok it has been 10 years, but seems like yesterday to me... time flies...

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